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Expedition is the latest game mode added to Archero and you can imagine it as a “tower” in other games where you can fight through stages once for big rewards. Each stage has a fixed enemy setup and also room specials (stats increased or decreased) and you will be able to select up to 5 skills at the beginning of a list of 6-8 skills.

The rewards are very good. We'll give you an overview of how you can perform well in Expeditions here, as well as a list of possible rewards (yes, some rooms will reward epic items).

Archero Expedition Guide

The first few rooms may be simple, but at some point it will get more difficult.

Always check stage stats!

Before entering a room (unless you are at a very low level in Expedition and can beat rooms easily), you need to check information about a room that will tell you which enemies you are facing, as well as details about a room. living room .

This is important because it will tell you a lot about which skills to select. You will find this information in the lower right corner:

Source: Screenshot of the game

Now when you click on the info button you will see the room:

Source: Screenshot of the game
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In this case, we have an increased dodge rate and an already bouncy wall. With that in mind, we can select our abilities with something that works well with these walls, like Side Arrows or Diagonal Arrows, because they will become much more effective now.

Source: Screenshot of the game

Also, we have diagonal arrows in our selection that you might think more about, but with the bouncy walls it's a sure thing to grab.

So always check what benefits or drawbacks (yes, a room can also give you a lower crit rate or other negative effects) will give you and select your skills that fit the room.

Shipping Rewards List

Let's go to our list of rewards. As stated at the beginning, there will be some very good rewards available:

In total, you'll get at least 5 epic gear items from here, although the later stages are really tough. Still, with all the coins you'll earn in between and the gems you get from achievements every 5 stages, you'll get a nice boost from the Expedition.

This was our guide to Archero Expeditions. Stay tuned on our website for more news and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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