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When looking at some hero tiers for Archero, one usually sees a list of the most expensive being the best and then listing in descending order the heroes that are the cheapest.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot you need to know to understand hero strength, his abilities and what you need to do to get the strongest hero, so please don't just look at the list of heroes we have below, read also The informations.

Hero individual stats (max level)

Let's start with hero stats. When you look around you get the feeling that the stats of the heroes are pretty much the same, but these are the basic stats.

When you look at the picture of a Tier 1 hero, you see the basic attack and max HP that this hero has at Tier 1. This is the Tier 1 stat and the green numbers in square brackets are the stats that this hero himself gains with each additional level. These numbers are different and you can level a hero up to level 80.

We have a table here that shows what attack and HP look like at levels 1, 20, 40, 60 and 80 and you see a clear difference.

When looking at the base stats, you can already see significant differences like Shade doing 50% more damage than Phoren or Sylvan having more than 50% max HP than Arteus or Urasil.

In terms of stats, the new hero Lina is Archero's best hero.

Hero's Individual Abilities

Each hero has an ability, some are very strong and some are not. These abilities also come into play and have a random chance to activate. And as expected, the most expensive heroes have the strongest abilities.

Forget a hero's strategy

Now comes the deal, to get the most powerful hero you have to take them out and max them out.

Source: Screenshot of the game

As you can see, when you upgrade any hero to Level 20 and Level 60, there is a bonus that all other heroes receive as well. In this case, each hero has a +2% chance to land a critical hit.

This means that theoretically you also need the lower level heroes and max them out to get the buffs for the stronger heroes.

Of course, it's practically impossible to do that, but it also comes into play. Just tossing the money to the strongest hero is less powerful than getting a "less strong" hero and having all other heroes maxed out, which will give those extra buffs.

Recommended hero upgrade path

The best hero leveling strategy to also unlock the best perks is this one:

Use (YOUR HERO) as the desired hero.

  • Obtain (YOUR HERO) and bring it to level 40
  • Take Rolla and bring her to level 20 +60 attack for each hero
  • Now bring (YOUR HERO) to level 45 (you should have that player level now)
  • Take Onir and bring him to level 20 +200 HP for each hero
  • Take Urasil and bring it to level 20 + Attack +40 for each hero
  • Take Taranis and bring him to level 20 + 2% critical chance for each hero
  • Take Phoren and bring him to level 20 + 2% critical chance for each hero
  • Now level (YOUR HERO) to level 60 (you must be player level 60 now)
  • Take Artheus and make him level 20 +100 HP for each hero
  • Bring (YOUR HERO) to level 80
  • Bring Onir to level 60 + 20% healing from red hearts for each hero
  • Bring Rolla to level 60 + 5% attack for all heroes
  • Bring Taranis to level 60 + 50% critical damage for each hero
  • Bring Artheus to level 60 + 4% HP for each hero
  • Bring Urasil to level 60 + 6% HP for each hero
  • Bring Phoren to level 60+ 2% critical chance for each hero

With all that in mind, we can now take a look at the tier list of heroes in Archero and why we rank them that way.

Hero Tier List in Archero

This rating is based on the stats (as you can see from the table above) as well as the hero's skill.

1 – Lina

With not only the strongest base stats, Lina also has a really powerful special ability that stacks especially against bosses and enemies that are alive longer, adding a debuff and dealing damage. She's the hero you want to invest in, unless she already has her Sylvan or Shade maxed out and doesn't want to invest in a new hero that's a little better. You'll need to collect the shards anyway and that takes time.

2 – Sylvan

Higher HP and also higher attack damage and with each attack he will add flame, lightning, darkness or poison effect. Another advantage of Sylvan is that you won't see these effect skills popping up when you get skills, so you have more options to get better skills as well.

3 – Shade

Shade is also very powerful, no doubt. In her normal form she will do good extra damage with the black arrow added to her attacks which (when activated) will add about 30% extra damage plus tick twice for 50% of her normal damage and then explode again for 130 % of your base damage. That's 110% each time you apply this to your attack. In her shadow form, you see her getting 25% increased attack speed and a good amount of extra dodge.

4 - Ayana

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She is insanely strong and by far the strongest F2P hero. You have to pay 2.500 gems for it, yes, but you can easily save it in 2 weeks and get it without spending any money. It will add some extra damage ticks to each attack, decrease the attack frequency of enemies it is attacking, and randomly create portals that can get you out of bad situations when you have a tough boss fight or too many melee mobs around you that you can't handle. If you don't have it, get it.

5 - Ophelia

Its base stats are pretty good and its ability to absorb dead enemies and turn them into increased strength is also strong, but there is a problem with it. You won't get that extra strength unless you pick up these shards that are in the room and need to step over them. It's already tricky enough to stay away from enemy damage and having to collect them all is very tricky. You'll lose them or get extra damage from collecting them, and they spawn frequently. If the devs fix this and somehow make her get this boost automatically, she will become higher in this tier list for sure.

6 – Ryan

It's not really a paid hero or a f2p hero, you need to unlock it through shards and you can only unlock it through shards. Well, his special ability is a guaranteed revive when he dies and depending on the enemy his invincible phase after resurrection gets longer. But here's the catch, his special ability is all about getting a second chance and he has a higher HP pool than other heroes but also deals medium damage. So while other heroes stay alive much longer because they kill faster with greater damage, Ryan only has his resurrection. Still, a really solid hero to use, but not as strong as you might first think when reading your info screen.

7 – Helix

Helix also has a lot of HP and a decent attack rating. His skill is basically his rage skill that is activated all the time. With rage skill you only get extra damage if you drop below 20% HP, with Helix rage skill you will get 1,2% extra damage for every 1% HP you lost. So if you have 75% HP, you have 30% extra damage on everything. At 25% HP it deals 90% extra damage. Helix is ​​a damage machine, especially at the points where you start to lose HP and are going to lose HP at some point, right?

8 - Meowgik

Meowgik also has pretty solid base stats when it comes to HP and attack and its special ability launches something you might call “cat missiles”. They will come every 3 or 4 attacks and follow the target even if the target stays underground and deals massive damage greater than a normal hit (this depends on your weapon and seems to be based on the attack speed and base damage of the attack). Let's just say they make a remarkable impact. With his following ability when the target moves and the ability to even hit him underground, this isn't squishy and adds more damage, making Meowgik a great hero for Archero.

9 – Rolla

Rolla has very solid HP and exceptional base attack and his skill adds a Freeze Arrow to his attacks which have a chance to freeze the enemy for a short time and do some extra damage. Overall a really solid hero option to use, but her overall damage is lower than Meowgik or Helix and she doesn't have the special abilities that the other top heroes have. Still, there's no reason to neglect it and it's a great collection for you.

10 - Taranis

Taranis also has solid base stats when it comes to HP and attack damage and his skill will add lightning bolt to his normal attacks which happen quite often. Normally it will add 30% extra damage, but it will also hit enemies around the target, so it can also increase the initial damage, especially if combined with an ability like Ricochet. Overall this is not enough to defeat the heroes above him because they have more damage output (unless you deal with a large swarm) or use freeze like Rolla which has more benefits than "just" dealing damage .

11 – Phoren

Phoren has very low average base stats when it comes to HP and base attack damage and his skill will add a burning effect to enemies that deal 15% damage with each tick and reapplied with each subsequent attack. You can take this as a 15% damage boost, but only for bosses because normally other mobs will die too fast to get enough to burn ticks to make it worth it. For that reason, paired with lower HP and overall damage, Phoren is clearly below Rolla and Taranis, but you can get it for coins.

12 - Onir

Onir also has very good base stats (like any other paid hero), but his skill is a bummer. The holy effect added to his attacks, if activated, will only hit left and right of the enemy and most of the time there is no enemy, so it will only be a small additional damage of about 20% of the attack itself. Not bad, but with real money and solid base stats, you can get better heroes.

13 – Bonnie

Bonnie has a very solid base attack and really good base HP stats and her stronger version of the Shadow Clone skill is also very good, especially when you deal with rooms where you have multiple waves. Your clones will spawn quite often, last for almost 10 seconds and deal 100% of their base damage. This looks pretty impressive on paper, so why is she so low on the list? The reason is that clones of her will only deal basic attack damage, no equipment added, no skills added. This will do a lot less damage than you'd expect when you're in a back room where you need additional stats to make an impact.

14 – Uracil

Urasil has the second worst base stat when it comes to HP and attack and his skill will add poison to his attacks that deal 40% equipment damage per second. That's not much and paired with its low base stats, Urasil is just a hero that you level up to get the additional hero stats.

15 – Atreus

Well, it's no surprise that Atreus is the weakest hero. He has the lowest base stats and no skills. Still, upgrading it will give you a bonus for your other heroes that you don't want to neglect and you probably already leveled it up when you started using it.

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