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    Archero: Detailed list of skill levels

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    Selecting the right skills is critical in Archero and can be the defining moment for your races. You will always have different options and making the best of this is vital to your progress and success in your races, no matter if this is regular in chapters, expeditions or events.

    Packing an overall tier list isn't working because skills also synergize with your weapon and also with the other skills you've already selected.

    For that reason, we've put together a complete tier list that will also take your weapon and other skills into consideration to help you always make the best choice when it comes to deciding which skill you want to choose.

    This guide is updated with the newly added skills in 2021. Without further ado, let's go!

    angel's choices

    Source: Screenshot of the game

    In every other room you'll find an angel who will give you the choice between a good amount of healing or a skill boost (increases in base stats, Strong Heart).

    Most of the time it's a clear choice for the skill as you can also get healing from red hearts, chests or other skills. The only reason to get the heal is before you get to the boss room or late in a chapter and be really critical on HP and don't want to risk your progress.

    Long term skill is always the best choice.

    List of skill selection levels

    Animal S

    Tier A+

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    This was our in-depth guide to Archero skill levels. Comment what content you would like to see on our website. Take care and until next time!

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