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Pets are humans' best friends, right? Well, in Archero many players simply use the spirit (as the pet is called in the game) which is higher level. The truth is that your spirit or pet has a big effect on your gameplay and just because you are often focused on evading projectiles and hitting yourself, you often don't recognize that your pet also does a lot of damage and also defeats you. enemies on their own.

In this guide, we would like to give you a clear recommendation on which spirit you should choose and level up and most importantly, use.

About spirits and their damage

There are three things that are important when it comes to spirits in Archero, their own base damage, which is basically how much damage they do), their special ability, and their viability when it comes to the way they attack their enemies. We've taken all of them into consideration and there's a clear ranking of which works best.

Pets Tier List

Let's start directly with a tier list, then we'll talk about the best combinations.

1 – Laser Bat

Source: Screenshot of the game

The Laser Bat is by far the best spirit you can use on Archero. It deals solid damage and inherits part of its own attack. Most importantly, it will deal damage with the laser beam through walls and obstacles and can hit enemies behind the enemy it is attacking.

The laser is also powerful enough not to miss too much, which is actually very rare. This is the pet you want to level up and use.

2 – Flaming Ghost

Source: Screenshot of the game

Since the buff that allows the Flaming Ghost to shoot through the wall, it's for sure a very powerful pet to use, which also deals damage. I mean, it's not as strong as the Laser Bat, but close to it and especially with a lot of enemies in a room, a really good alternative to use.

3 – Elf

Source: Screenshot of the game

Elf has medium damage and many people don't like it because the attacks can't hit enemies. It's true, when looking at normal rooms in the chapters, there are other pets that are more useful, but the Elf works great against bosses. Also don't forget that the Elf also heals you for 5% of the damage it does.

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4 – Noisy Owl

Source: Screenshot of the game

The owl looks pretty cool and the pushback can be useful for interrupting enemies from a distance, but it's not that useful, and it can also be annoying if you use a slower weapon as it will cause you to miss shots.

It's not as bad as the pets below, but it's really not as viable as the ones above and the only reason to use it is if you don't have the animals above level enough.

5 – Scythe Mage

Source: Screenshot of the game

The biggest advantage of Scythe Mage is that the scythe has the same functionality you know from the scythe, it will return and has the ability to do solid damage. This is really useful against rooms with a lot of enemies where splash damage really increases and will make your pet a very effective damage agent.

The problem with this spirit is that walls and obstacles will block the scythe and bounce it back, so this beast also loses a fair amount of attacks.

6 – Living Bomb

Source: Screenshot of the game

Let's be honest here, the advantage of bombs is splash damage and this pet can hit enemies that are behind walls, especially those you can't reach without getting hit. Also, the splash is good and the damage output (on paper) is good.

The Living Bomb's real problem is that it loses so much that the damage it does is actually much less, in fact the least of all pets.

The other problem is that knockback can also push melee enemies against you if they are close, and this happens more than you should tolerate. It doesn't help when the Living Bomb can soak 3 shots for you in each room, it will also make you get hit more often which is why it was rated the last and worst of all spirits.

Best spirit combinations

You can take two spirits into battle in Archero, so the big question here is which combinations work best. You can combine them however you like, but it is not recommended that you say “Laser Bat is better, so I take 2 Laser Bats!”. Of course, this would be the most amazing combination, but fusing a Laser Bat into a legendary is hard enough, imagine you have to do it twice. It takes months.

The best way would be to use two different spirits is as per the tier list above. There are no real synergies, so you can simply combine them by whichever is stronger.

That was our guide to pets in Archero. Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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