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There are two things you need to understand about equipment in Archero. It's extremely powerful and important to your long-term success and contributes more power to your hero, as well as being really hard to upgrade. So if you choose to upgrade the wrong gear, you might get stuck later and have a huge wall to climb on when you need to bring some other gear up to the same level. Don't waste too much time and work on the right equipment from the start.

For that reason, we have an up-to-date list of gear here that will show you which gear is the strongest you should invest in right from the start.

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How to know which is the best equipment

Many players just look at the base stats of a piece of equipment or simply take the one they merged to the highest rarity level, but there is much more that contributes to this and the individual special abilities of each piece of equipment make it unique. These abilities often make the difference between (almost) useless and really powerful.

Best gear for each slot

Without further ado, let's dive into the gear and see which items are the best on Archero.


In short, Brightspear and Stalker Staff. You can check the Tier List of Archero's weapons by clicking here.


When it comes to armor, we have a pretty clear tier list here:

1 – Vest of Dexterity

The reason is that this armor will add +7% dodge which is a lot and helps you in every situation, in every room, in every chapter. You are significantly more likely to dodge an attack and not get hit. Keep in mind that this is not +7% to the dodge you have, it's +7% to the total dodge that is added, so you'll basically dodge every 14 hits you get.

I also add +20% healing from red hearts which is also great and contributes a lot more health when you need it. The special ability to deal lightning splash damage to nearby enemies isn't the best, but it can come in handy when you're facing a room with a lot of melee enemies. It's splash damage, so it works well. The best armor, no doubt here.

2 – Phantom Cloak

The Phantom Cloak only adds +10% to projectile resistance (unlike the Bright Robe which adds +12% to all attacks including melee), this is significantly "weaker" than the Bright Robe. It's still strong, but not that strong. It's actually a strong pack with the addition of +20% healing from red hearts and freezing and damage to enemies that attack it, which also counts for ranged enemies. Overall it's still a really powerful armor and in terms of overall strength here on the tier list it's definitely on par with the Bright Robe but a little stronger as all the skills are working fine.

3 – Bright Robe

Adds +12% damage resistance (for projectiles and melee attacks) which means you will take 12% less damage when hit and gain Battle XP faster with it. This isn't that strong as you'll earn the most Battle XP in any chapter and run anyway, just getting it faster won't make you stronger in the end.

Each level you upgrade will also increase your overall HP, which is great too. If this cloak traded the Battle XP Bonus for extra healing from red hearts, it would probably be the strongest of this class.

4 – Golden Chestplate

Relatively new to the game and really could be stronger. It has +5% total damage resistance, while the Bright Robe has +12% and +20% healing from Red Hearts. Flame damage to nearby enemies isn't that strong because you prefer to stay away from enemies and burning them just adds damage over time rather than direct damage like what you get with the Vest of Dexterity. It's still strong and useful armor, but the others are better.

5 – Void Dress

The Void Robe might sound powerful on paper, poisoning every enemy in the room, but this poison isn't really strong and takes a long time to work. The +10% collision damage reduction is a joke and is of no use whatsoever. You'll still take significant damage when bumping into an enemy and that 10% doesn't change that much. The best is +20% healing from Red Hearts, but that's something you get from higher armors.

6 – Shadow Robe

This is also new armor and it's not terribly bad. You only get damage reduction for damage coming from behind and a small HP buff. The skill will deal dark damage to nearby enemies, which is nice, but it never makes up for the other two useless skills.


You can equip two rings and we will show you the rating of all rings first, then we will recommend which combination is also strong.

None of the rings above are “useless”, they all bring good benefits to the table, but some are a little stronger than others. Still, don't consider any of them useless, though the Falcon Ring is only powerful in a few spots.

1 – Ring of the Bull

The numbers 1 and 2 are very close in reality and are divided by the thickness of a hair. The Ring of the Bull even has a slight advantage of having flat damage reduction +10% and doing more damage to all mobs and you know there are tons of mobs in Archero.

2 - Lion's Ring

This ring does more damage to bosses and adds +20% critical damage. This is also a powerful and useful ring for any situation like bosses in each chapter and the additional crit applies to each attack.

3 - Serpent's Ring

This ring only increases damage against ranged units, but the +7% dodge applies to all attacks and is really powerful, as stated above when we talk about armor in Archero. Also a really powerful ring.

4 - Ring of the Wolf

The Ring of the Wolf deals extra damage against melee units and adds +5% critical chance. More criticals are useful (and this also applies to all enemies) and there are always melee enemies nearby. The reason the Serpent Ring is stronger is that the dodge is more powerful, but this is still a useful ring, no doubt about that.

5 - Ring of Bear

The only reason this ring isn't the least useful is the reason that there are more ground mobs in Archero than air mobs, but the +5% HP isn't a game changer and it's not recommended that you put a lot of effort into it. melt and level this ring.

6 – Ring of the Falcon

Just like the bear ring, it is one of the least useful rings. The 5% attack speed gain isn't much (say your weapon has a 1 second attack speed, now you'll get 0,95 seconds. That's next to nothing) and there aren't many air mobs out there where you get the extra damage.

best ring combinations

You want to combine them smartly for a full range of benefits. Here are the three combinations that make sense.

Why are there no combinations of two identical rings?

In Archero you have to fuse your equipment and it will be difficult enough to fuse a ring to epic or legendary. Doing this with two of the same is almost impossible, so merging different ones and combining them is much more effective!

1 – Ring of the Bull + Ring of the Lion

The best combo because you get increased damage against bosses and mobs, basically every possible enemy except the spikes or saws on the ground. You get more critical damage and damage reduction as well.

2 – Serpent's Ring + Wolf's Ring

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This is the second best ring combo in Archero and will also give you increased damage against melee and ranged units (including bosses). You get the extra dodge and higher critical shift to make it a powerful combo as well.

3 – Ring of the Bear + Ring of the Falcon

It also gives you increased damage against any enemy, combining increased damage against ground and air units (including bosses). The extra HP and attack speed, though not as powerful as the above ring combinations provide.

best medallions

Medallions are really interesting when it comes to how powerful they are on Archero.

1 – Medallion of Agility

Picking number 1 here is very difficult between Medallion of Agility and Medallion of Angel, but Medallion of Agility is the best option. When your HP drops below 20%, your dodge will increase and you will be more likely to miss the fatal blow and survive longer. This is very convenient and will extend your Archero life on virtually every run.

2 - Medallion of the Angel

The Angel Medallion has a chance to instantly revive you invincible when you die. It looks very powerful but you can't trust it and the chances are less than 5%. The fact is that with the Medallion of Agility you will avoid dying on every run while the Medallion of the Angel will work here and there, but you can't expect it to work.

3 – Bloody Medallion

This one came in update 2.30 and will add the Bloodthirsty effect when you drop below 20% HP. It's nice to see an extra heal that will get you back on track, but as soon as you get over 20% HP this effect will go away again. This puts this Medallion below the two above as they will consistently avoid damage and can give you a revive. Getting to 21% health won't help much, but it's a good thing if you can fuse it.

4 – Bulletproof Medallion

This medallion will reduce projectile damage (not melee) when you are below 20% HP. The Medallion of Agility will give you an increased chance of not getting hit. If you're under 20%, each hit could be your last, so reducing damage isn't that helpful compared to higher dodge or the chance to revive.

5 - Medallion of Penetration

This will give you a piercing effect when you get below 20% HP, but we don't recommend using it. Getting the penetration effect won't help you much unless you're facing hordes of mobs and it won't keep your health any longer. For a locket, this is not a useful benefit.

6 - Iron Medallion

Does pretty much the same as the Bulletproof Medallion, but with collision damage.

best bracelets

Bracelets are very close in terms of their usefulness on Archero and none of them are useless. Still, you can have a rating here.

1 - Frozen Bracelet

With this bracelet you have that freeze which is really useful to not get spammed instantly and get an idea of ​​the room and enemies you are facing for a short period of time. It doesn't do damage, but the damage the other bracelets do isn't that high, so it's worth using that freeze.

2 - Lightning Bracelet

This random radius can be very good or very bad. It hits a random number of enemies (from 2 to 8) and the damage is also random. You have situations where it hits really hard and it works well, but in other situations it's a bad one.

3 – Rapid Fire Bracelet

Also introduced in Update 2.30, the Rapid Fire Bracelet will increase your attack speed for a few seconds when you enter a new room. It's really useful because the attack rate will increase every stat and skill, but the freeze and lightning effects are still stronger.

4 – Flaming Bracelet

The burn sounds good on paper, but in reality the burn effect isn't much and only hits 2-3 enemies, which makes it much less effective than the freeze you get with the frozen bracelet.

5 - Division Bracelet

This bracelet really had the potential to be the strongest, but the shadow clones will disappear too quickly to really make an impact. It's still a solid option, no doubt, but the above options bring more bang for your buck.

6 - Invincibility Bracelet

This bracelet will grant you a certain amount of invincibility when you enter a new room and is the least useful bracelet as you almost never get slapped when you enter a new room. It can be useful, but the other bracelet actually applies an effect all the time, while this one is only useful on rare occasions.

best spell books

Spellbooks are not easy to obtain and fuse, so using and leveling the right one is extremely important. It needs time to fill, but this will give you a good boost.

1 - Lighting

Definitely the most impactful book. All books take the same amount of time to fully charge, and this one will give you a random skill in battle. Especially in races that have a lot of rooms you will get your maximum EXP in Battle at some point, this book will still add new skills and you can get 3-4 additional skills over 50 rooms. It's really very powerful.

2 – Combat Art

This book will increase the knockback effect of your projectiles, which is really effective. The descriptions don't say much, but you will actually see an effect for every batting charge the book adds. It will add the pushback each time the book is full, the longer the fight lasts, the more pushback you'll get, which interrupts enemies as well.

3 – Arcane Archer

Not as effective as the previous ones, but still powerful because it often adds attack speed and attack power when full. It is also decent and if you are looking for a simple chandelier you can also use this book.

4 – Kingdom of Ice

The least powerful book to recommend because the freeze effect only applies to enemies around you, not all enemies in the room. Attack boost is similar to Arcane Archer, but freeze needs a buff to be strong enough to keep up with the other books.

This was our gear guide for Archero. Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news from the gaming world. Take care and until next time!

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