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    Arcane gets first clip showing League of Legends heroines

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    Riot Games is really determined to expand the League of Legends universe, and Arcane brings a new frontier. The animated series will bring the gaming universe to Netflix later this year.

    Arcane's plot will follow the journey of two League of Legends heroines: the audacious criminal Jinx and the vigilante Vi. The two sisters grew up on the streets, but went their separate ways. However, there is something that unites them at their origin just as there is a force afoot that wants to destroy them now. To solve this mystery, you'll need to explore different regions of Runeterra in search of answers.

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    April 1th 2022

    The animated series was supposed to debut as early as 2020, in Riot Games' original plans. However, the pandemic changed the schedule. At the time, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, one of the producers of the animation, published a statement about the delay. In the text, he said that “everyone at Riot was very upset. We really wanted to release the series in 2020, but while we are excited about the project, our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our teams and partners.”

    Now, Arcane should debut on Netflix in the second half of this year, between September and December, but there is still no confirmed date.

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