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    Among Us, Pets: All Pets listed and detailed

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    Fonte: Among Us

    What are the Pets Among Us?

    like someone who bought packages of Pets  Among Us , I really like them! Among Us It's a game we all seem to be playing. Whether you hope to be the imposter or just want to do all your tasks for the good of the team, the game offers a lot of fun. But, if you start to delve into the in-game cosmetics, you might be tempted by the pets that appear there. 

    Are Pets Among Us useful?

    They are cosmetics, which, contrary to some myths out there, do not take revenge on your death if an imposter comes. However, they sit next to his body and wait for him to be discovered, like a good friend. 

    They also make your character stand out, give you someone to stand by you on these big scary maps, and are just a fun aspect of the game in general. 

    I will list all the different pets Among Us and what are they for you to take a look at! I'll list them starting with the best pet and ending with the...least good pet.


    Squig is an interesting alien-like creature that appears in the Bedcrab Pet Pack, which is my favorite pet pack, after all. This character rocks back and forth a bit when he's next to you, which is really cool. I really like the mystery behind this alien, as even the developers don't know what it is!


    The other pet inside the Bed Crab Pet Pack, the Bed Crab is a brown insect with three legs sticking out of it. 

    This pet takes inspiration from the series' headcrab Half-Life and may also be a reference to the failure of the Crowbar in the game of Henry Stickmin Stealing the Diamond, however, I love the bed crab because when I started watching the animations Among Us, the crab was always there, as the player ran after it, becoming a good friend. You can watch the video I fell in love with below.

    Mini Crewmate Pet

    The Mini Crewmate from the Mini Crewmate package also ranks well on this list! O Mini Crewmate is the only pet Among Us to change color based on the player's color, as it strives to match the larger version of itself. 

    Even imposters can have a Mini Crewmate, which is a fun idea as it would mean this crewmate is dating a villain. These crewmates just look like little versions of regular players, which is really cute.

    Note: The Mini Crewmate Bundle also comes with a hat!

    UFO pet

    The Brainslug Between Us Pet Bundle UFO is a cute little alien craft, which would be inside a spaceship. This concept is very funny to me. I quite like the animations on this ship as it rocks when idle, floats directly with the player while running, but it also shows the emotions of being scared from shaking and flashing red and being sad from sitting and pulsing blue.


    the alien dog Hamster Pets Pack may sound like a normal pet Among Us, because it has the name of Dog, but it is not. It has a wavy tail but only one huge eye and is bright blue. This dog has a meep tongue sticking out of its mouth to make it quite cute. 

    It also jumps when it runs, triples when it is afraid, and it sits on the adult with its paws under its head when it is sad.

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    Fonte: Among Us


    O Brainslug from the Brainslug Pets Pack looks like a sticky green alien, also with one eye! 

    This slug swings when idle, floats behind the player while its lower half spins around like a flying machine of sorts when running, and leans back with a large builder eye when scared. It's a very sad, sad phase, looking at the ground. This slug is a reference to the brain slug in Futurama.


    O Hamster do Hamster Among Us Pets Pack looks more like a real life hamster! It is a simple brown hamster inside a light blue semi-translucent ball. You can see the hamster well enough, although it doesn't have complex animations. When he is sad, he looks back and forth while the ball is still.

    Robot Pet

    O Robot can be found at Mini Crewmate Bundle and it's a cute little robot, as they say it's based on WALL-E. When idle, it sometimes moves its head up and down. 

    As it runs, its head shakes a little, and when it is scared, the robot shakes while its eyes flash red and yellow. When sad and defeated, he clusters into a large square.


    Henry is a stick figure from the Henry Stickmin game that looks like a basic stick figure and can be found in the Stickmin Pet Bundle. 

    When idle he scratches his head, when running he has a running animation, when scared he shakes and touches his face and can cry when he is sad. It's a basic stick figure and for me it doesn't stand up when there are mini crewmates on offer!


    Ellie also belongs to the Among Us Stickmin animal pack, and looks like a woman, as she has long red hair. 

    It is based on Ellie Rose, also from the series Henry stickmin. When she is anxious, she scratches her chin, when she runs she runs, when she is afraid she points to the player and when she is sad she lays down on the floor. Once again, she just doesn't measure up to mini-crewmates.

    Glitch Pet

    O Glitch Pet is only available in the version for PC de Among Us, as this was a promotion during the event Twitch Rivals 2020

    It's a pet awarded to players who watched at least 30 minutes on twitch during the event, on a participating live channel, or watching a minute of the The Game Awards 2020 on the official channel of Twitch. The pet looks like an icon of the Twitch and has no animations.

    How do I get Pets Among Us??

    Among Us, pets come in packs across the various platforms the game is on, costing $2,99 ​​for each pack on mobile. As the game does not support to the multiplatform game , the purchase of a package on mobile will not appear on your PC

    These items are strictly cosmetic, so they won't help you in the game. To acquire and equip pets in Between Us, simply go to the computer in the ship's lobby and select the pets tab. From there, you can buy packs or tap the ones you've earned to see them appear with your character.

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