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    Among Us is this week's free Epic game

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    As the weekend approaches, so does another round of free PC games from the Epic Games Store. This week, you can grab the highly successful social deduction game Among Us, and once again, Epic is keeping next week's game under wraps for now.

    Source: Official game page on Steam

    You'll be able to pick up Among Us on the regular Epic Games Store promo page starting May 27, with the game staying there for an entire week, at which point it will be replaced with another freebie. As always, you will 'buy' the game at the price of zero dollars and it will remain in your library like any game you can afford.

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    April 1th 2022

    Among Us was the big hit of the 2020 quarantine season, topping the Twitch charts and attracting celebrities such as United States Chamber Member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who started her own Twitch channel specifically to play the game with. the streamers HasanAbi and Pokimane. It's a game about figuring out who the killer in your midst is, while also having to take care of normal onboard duties to keep things running smoothly.

    Below you can check out the official trailer for the game.

    Stay tuned on our website for more news and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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