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Why are we writing about color among us, one might ask? Stay awhile and listen… Among Us is a game that has been widely acclaimed in 2020, gaining massive popularity across the world. 

The game has had millions of downloads and it's easy to see why if you've ever played a game. Its deduction and perception mechanics keep the game fresh, no matter how many times you've played it. 

But there's always more to the game than meets the eye. Each player can customize their character, and it has been widely speculated that certain colors among us carry a certain meaning (like the red is your memes with the which we are very familiar). But is Red really sus? And why is Green always a Crewmember when in fact he killed me two games in a row? Discover more about the colors among us and the meaning behind them below! 

Fonte: Among Us

All the colors between us

There are 14 colors in Among Us, but only 12 of them can be actively selected and customized by players. I'll explain more about them below, so let's have a look!

  • red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Cyan (light blue)
  • Lime (light green)
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • orange
  • Purple

These are the 12 main colors. There are 2 additional colors that players cannot actively select, but they were still in the game:

  • stronggreen
  • tan

Stronggreen was used on green when a player has just logged in and shows the player's name as “???”. As for the tan color, it is the only color that was removed. The main reasoning behind its removal is the fact that colorblind people couldn't distinguish between other colors and tan, which made it more difficult to play. 

Is red always among us?

Contrary to popular belief, Red is not always the imposter. There have been a plethora of memes and posters advertising Red as the main imposter, but that's really not the case. Each color has an equal chance of being the good guy (or the bad guy, depending on how you look at it).

It is widely accepted that Red was chosen as the imposter for his opposition to Green, who is often portrayed as the main Crewmate, which, again, is not always the case. 

Fonte: Among Us

Blue, the incognito – colors among us

Blue is in the boat opposite Red. They are almost never suspicious and may simply use everything to their advantage and try to support others while carrying out their (sometimes devious) plan. They can be fun but never truly trust a blue one, they know exactly what they are doing! 

The emergency meeting caller, Green

Green is usually an intelligent individual, who tends to be quite sneaky. They are often considered imposters and may even be self-styled under suspicion of being one. However, when left to their own devices, they know exactly what to do and how to manipulate the situation to their advantage. 

Rosa – probably the first victim

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Since Pink doesn't always look menacing, many players tend to just kill Pink the first chance they get. They are often the first to leave, no matter if they are a Crewmate or an Imposter. 

Orange, the coin toss – colors between us

When playing with an orange, you will have the best player in the world or the worst, there is no in between. They can be very sound reasoning and super peaceful or the most aggressive imposter you will ever meet. They are definitely one to remember! 

The leader or lone wolf, known as Yellow

Yellow players don't always make memorable impressions. They are quite lonely and tend to stay away from everything and everyone. It doesn't matter if he's a crew member or an imposter, Yellow is almost never the first to go, some people might even forget there is a Yellow! 

Fonte: Among Us

Top rated players: Black

If you had to close your eyes and choose a sus, you would probably choose Black 7 out of 10 times. Players generally tend to think that Black is the imposter more often than he really is! On rare occasions, they sometimes make it out alive, but no matter what, they are always in fashion! 

The Failed Detective, White

White players are wasting their time on cameras, trying to sabotage, or just wandering through the openings. Unfortunately, they are also some of the first players to leave, as they don't always do what they're supposed to. Every now and then you will meet a player who will leave you speechless with his clever tactics, but this is a very rare occasion. 

Roxo, or pseudo-sus

In some ways, purple is very similar to red, however, they are almost never suspicious (even if they really are an imposter). They were portrayed as one in some promotional materials, and that was enough to pave the way for this pseudo-sus.  

The trusted friend, Brown

Brown is almost always a nice guy, even if he's an imposter. They are friendly but not too talkative, helpful but not overbearing, and they know exactly where to be (except when they are killed). But that whole facade quickly fades as they stab you in the back when you least expect it! 

Fonte: Among Us

Cyan aka the professional

Almost all the Cyan players I've met are very good at the game. They know their tasks and don't hesitate when it comes to making important decisions. It's like you have a mini-brain on your team, as long as they're actually on your team. Also, don't call them blue. 

Lime – Cyan's toxic side

Similar to Cyan, Lime players know what they are doing. However, they do it in such a way that you want to kick them straight out of the ship and into space. If it weren't for all the work they've done to earn their spot... Of course, there are the regular Limes too, but they're a rare sight! 

To summarize, these are all the colors of Entre Nós. Which one is your favourite? For me, I'm always a brown or purple player. As for red is sus, I can't agree more (if you know, you know)!

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