All Fortnite Season 6 Exotic Weapons and Where to Find Them

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Source: Epic Games

Exotic weapons are some of the rarest items in Fortnite, so see how you can get your hands on them in Chapter 2, Season 6.

Fortnite Season 6 has a set of all-new Exotic weapons to help you land a Victory Royale, so this is where you can find each of those rare items.

A lot has changed in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6. There's a ton of all-new content, including tamable wild animals, raptors roaming the Island, and a new breeding system. There are also new exotic weapons to unlock.

All of these weapons come with their own unique abilities that give you a competitive edge over your opponents.

This is where you can find each of these rare items on the map. Fortnite.

Source: Epic Games

Where to find all Fortnite Exotic weapons

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Exotic weapons are some of the rarest items in Fortnite , so they cannot be picked up as random loot on the ground or in chests. Instead, you will need buy them from specific non-map NPCs .

Here are each of the new weapons and their locations:

  • Storm Scout Sniper Rifle  – You can get the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle by giving 500 Gold Bars to Mave in Catty Corner. This marksman deals 85 damage, 212 headshot damage, and tells you where the next storm circle is.
  • Shadow Tracker Pistol  – Essentially a Silenced Pistol, the Shadow Tracker can be purchased from the Power Chord in the Dance Club Cabin for 400 Gold Bars. It does 29 damage, 58 headshot, and allows you to tag enemies hit and track their location.
  • Hop Rock Dualies – These dual pistols can be purchased from Gutbomb in Logjam Woodworks for 500 gold bars. They come with an 18 magazine and a 2,7 second cooldown, allowing you to deal 43 damage.
  • Chug Cannon – You can get this weapon from Slurp Jonesy in Slurpy Swamp for 600 gold bars. It can be used to heal your teammates in combat, so it's perfect for defensive strategies.
  • Marksman Six Shooter – This weapon can be obtained from an NPC called Deadfire in the Sherriff's Office. The purchase will cost 400 gold bars and you can use the weapon to deal 24 damage per shot.
  • Grappler Bow – As the name implies, you can use this weapon to fly high across the map. It can be purchased from Lara Croft in Stealthy Stronghold for 500 Gold Bars.
  • unstable arc – This weapon can be purchased from Rebirth Raven in the mysterious house northwest of Sweaty Sands for 500 gold bars. You can use it to fire four different types of arrows.
Source: Epic Games

Earning gold bars for each weapon can be difficult, and you'll need to complete NPC-set rewards or challenges to get paid. If you want to speed up this process, you can check out our guide to earning gold bars.

A epic Games already changed the location of exotic weapons before, and they may do it again in the near future. If that happens, we'll be sure to update this map and article.

We can also see the addition of new exotic weapons when the 7 season goes live in a few weeks.

image credits: Fornite.GG/ Epic Games

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