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    All Fortnite Exotic Weapons and Where to Find Them in Season 7

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    Source: Epic Games

    Exotic weapons are some of the rarest items in Fortnite, then see how you can get your hands on them in Chapter 2, Season 7.

    Fortnite Season 7 offers powerful exotic weapons to help you land a Victory Royale, so this is where you can find each of these rare items.

    While you're looting in Fortnite Season 7, you're going to want to wield the best weapons available. For the right amount of Gold Bars, the NPC's will sell exotic weapons that do more damage and have different attributes.

    Getting your hands on these Mythic and Exotic weapons can put you at a significant advantage over your opponents, so it's worth spending your hard-earned Gold Bars to help land a Victory Royale.

    Here are all Fortnite Season 7 exotic weapons and where to find them.

    Fortnite Season 7 Exotic Weapon Locations

    So far, there are five exotic weapons in Fortnite Season 7, but we can expect more as the season progresses.

    thanks to the website Fortnite.GG , we can see the locations of all exotic weapons in Fortnite Season 7. The only one that does not appear on the map is the Chug Cannon, as it will appear randomly.

    Slone's Pulse Rifle (Mythical)

    Slone's Mythic Pulse Rifle is a much more powerful version of Season 7's new Pulse Rifle.

    To get your hands on the Mythic Pulse Rifle, you'll need to find and defeat Doctor Slone in the Corny Complex. This can be a difficult task, so make sure you're prepared before attacking her and the IO guards around her.

    Night Hawk

    The Night Hawk revolver has a thermal range to help accurately target and hit enemies from a distance.

    The Night Hawk revolver is now in the hands of the new character Guggimon, who was found in the lighthouse northwest of the island. They are hostile at first, so you need to defeat him before buying the exotic weapon for 400 gold bars.

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    Storm Scout

    The Storm Scout sniper rifle is one of the most expensive because it is the most powerful, allowing you to see the next storm circle.

    You'll find the Storm Scout sniper rifle on the bridge east of Misty Meadows with NPC Riot. He's also hostile, so you'll need to kill him once before buying Storm Scout for 500 Gold Bars.

    Shadow Tracker

    Essentially a silenced pistol, the Shadow Tracker allows you to tag enemies hit and track their location.

    Fortunately, you don't have to face any NPCs to get the Shadow Tracker pistol. Just visit Maven at the IO base between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks and buy from her for 400 Gold Bars.

    Marksman Six Shooter

    O Exotic Marksman Six Shooter has two shooting modes, accurate shots during ADSing and fast shooting and high damage when shooting from the hip. This weapon also deals an insane amount of headshot damage.

    Again, you will be able to get the Marksman Six Shooter without getting your hands dirty. Find Abstrakt in Retail Row and buy it for 400 Gold Bars.

    Chug Cannon

    The Chug Cannon heals whatever it hits. So you can shoot yourself, a teammate, or an enemy for quick healing on the fly.

    This powerful healing device will be dropped by Living Loot Llamas defeated around the Fortnite island.

    We expect more Mythic and Exotic weapons to be added over the course of Season 7, so stay tuned for GAMER PORTAL for all your powers and locations.

    Image credit: epic Games

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