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    All crossplay games for PS5 and PS4

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    Every PS5 and PS4 game you can play with other consoles

    What games PS5 e PS4 support crossplay with rival consoles Xbox Series S | X , Xbox One e Nintendo Switch ? Sony has been criticized for a long time due to its reluctance to support crossplay, but after an open beta with a handful of supporting titles, the company now allows developers to support the oft-requested feature without any restrictions. 

    Below you will find a list of all PS5 and PS4 games with crossplay, which we will update as more software is added. You can learn a lot more about the console from last Sony generation in our PS5 guide .

    All crossplay games for PS5 and PS4

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    In this guide, you will find a list of all PS5 and PS4 crossplay games . We also specify which games support cross platform progression , which means your game progress will transition across devices. 

    Please note that while best efforts have been made to ensure this list is accurate, developers may remove functionality at their discretion.

    GamecrossplayCross-platform progression
    Among UsPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneNintendo SwitchPCMobileNo
    Apex LegendsPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneNo
    Bassmaster Fishing 2022PS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCNo
    Battlefield 2042PS5Xbox Series X|SPCPS4Xbox OneYes
    Black DesertPS4Xbox OneNo
    Borderlands 3PS5PS4Xbox Series S|XXbox OneNo
    BrawlhallaPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCNo
    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCYes
    Call of Duty: Modern WarfarePS4Xbox OnePCNo
    Call of Duty: War zonePS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCYes
    chivalry 2PS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCYes
    DauntlessPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    Dead by DaylightPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    DIRT 5PS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCNo
    Fantasy StrikePS4Nintendo SwitchPCYes
    Farming Simulator 22PS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCMacGoogle StadiaNo
    FortnitePS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneNintendo SwitchPCMobileYes
    Guilty gear strivePS5PS4No
    Hunt: ShowdownPS4Xbox OneNo
    Just Die AlreadyPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCNo
    KartRider: DriftPS4Xbox OnePCYes
    Knockout cityPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    Minecraft: PS4 EditionPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCMobileYes
    MLB The Show 21PS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneYes
    Mortal kombat 11 ultimatePS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneNo
    Need for Speed ​​HeatPS4Xbox OnePCNo
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit RemasteredPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCNo
    No Man's SkyPS5PS4Xbox OnePCYes (PS4 to PS5)
    OutridersPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SPCNo
    Overcooked: All You Can EatPS5Xbox Series X|SNo
    OverwatchPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCNo
    PaladinsPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPS4Xbox OneNo
    Power Rangers: Battle for the GridPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCGoogle StadiaNo
    Rainbow six extractionPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCGoogle StadiaYes
    Ready Set HeroesPS4PCNo
    Riders republicPS5PS4Xbox Series X|SXbox OnePCGoogle StadiaYes
    Rocket LeaguePS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    Rogue CompanyPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    Rust Console EditionPS4Xbox OneYes
    Sackboy: The Big AdventurePS5PS4-
    SMITEPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    space lordsPS4Xbox OnePCNo
    SpellbreakPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    Super Bomberman R OnlinePS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCYes
    Super Mega Baseball 2PS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchNo
    Super Mega Baseball 3PS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCNo
    Tetris EffectPS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|SPCNo
    WarfacePS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchNo
    WargroovePS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPCNo
    World of WarshipsPS4Xbox OneNo

    Are you a fan of any PS5 and PS4 games with cross-play? Want more titles to take advantage of the feature? Take a look at our PS5 guide and then contact your brothers and sisters from another system in the comments section below.a

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