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    Akinator: Complete Game Guide

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    Do you happen to know Akinator or have you read a guide about this game? It is the leader in popularity among guessing games and has become increasingly successful in the world of digital games.

    Here, in this complete guide about the game, you will know everything about its origin, functionality and many other curious information.

    What is Akinator

    Akinator is a free, cross-platform, online, virtual guessing game. In it, we have the Genius Akinator as the main character, who promises to be able to guess a real or fictional character at the choice of one or more players, through a series of questions in search of hidden information.


    Currently, the game allows players to test two other modes, where they can make the genie guess a chosen animal or movie.

    In addition to all this, this virtual game has these other very interesting details:

    • Availability in 16 different languages;
    • Creation of profiles and participation in rankings;
    • Daily, the genie also challenges you to guess mysterious characters; chosen by him, where rewards are offered to the victors;
    • Players can customize their genie by simply adding the available clothing pieces;
    • Filter for child safety mode.

    With more and more new features and corrections, Akinator is a game whose grace is not easily lost, suitable both for those who want to have fun alone, or for those looking for a fun group activity.

    How to play Akinator

    There are no secrets or complications so anyone can play Akinator, just download the game app on the platform they want, and then start a match with the genie.

    When starting a new game, the game genius will give you the proper initial instructions, and then your line of questions will begin. The player, in turn, must be decided about his character, thus, he must follow up with answers to the interrogation, using “yes” or “no” in each round.

    If the player gives the right and correct hints of characteristics to the genie, at some point he will try to guess. If he doesn't get it right, the player will have the option to continue the game from where it left off, or start a new wave of guessing.

    How Akinator works

    After so many years on the market, Akinator's popularity only tends to rise, as it is added to new platforms, new features are introduced through updates or separate versions, and also as players recommend it to their friends and relatives.

    Despite these facts, still, many do not know how the genius is able to guess what the player has in mind. After all, the secret is nothing to do with magic, but programming logic and a huge database.

    Akinator works through the algorithms of a program called Limule, created by Elokence in a special way to meet the requirements of the game. This software works through the technique called “Decision Tree”, a resource that determines an object through the base of questions and answers.

    Despite having several errors and incorrect answers on its release, the game is currently very well polished and has a very low failure rate. In addition, its popularity has never been so great, this can be proven on its official website, where we can see the mark exceeding 30 thousand daily matches.

    The Creation of Akinator

    This game was created by just two programmers, both are French and responsible for the entire concept and creation of the game. They are called Jeff Deleau and Arnaud Olivi and they are part of Elokence, an IT engineering company created by both of them 13 years ago.

    Developed and released in 2007 to the entire world, the game did not reach the market with many language options, which concentrated its popularity in English-speaking countries.

    The popularity of the game only reached Spain a year after its world debut, because in 2008, Akinator received an update where our mother tongue was added to the list of options.

    Is Akinator safe?

    Akinator is a completely safe game, both in terms of information privacy and the security of electronic goods where it is in use. If there are any doubts about the topic, all legal and usage information can be found on its official website.

    Source: Team Super Games Online

    Interestingly, still on this subject, the game has the option to activate a children's mode, which seeks to make the experience of minors and sensitive people as pleasant and adapted as possible.

    What is the difference between Akinator and Akinator VIP?

    As we can see announced when we enter the game's official website, Akinator is a product that, for the most part, receives monetization through the use of advertisements. 

    These advertisements are very similar to those seen in many other free games, where a video opens and can only be closed at the end of a countdown.

    Akinator VIP is the same game only purchased (download and purchase) separately from its free version. This version drops the base game's advertisements, which makes the experience more fluid and less frustrating.

    The paid version of this guessing game can be purchased on the Play Store for BRL 14,90 (a score of 4,3 stars) and on the Apple Store for BRL 22,90 (a score of 4,5 stars).

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    How to enter Akinator game for PC?

    To access the game on PC is very simple, the user just needs to search for the official Akinator website and then start a game in the browser quickly and for free, without the need for any downloads.

    Fonte: Freepik

    There is the possibility to download the application on PC through various websites focused on downloading games, but this action is not recommended due to high risk probabilities.

    How to enter Akinator game on MOBILE?

    To access Akinator on mobile, the user has the option of playing through the official website in a web browser, just like on the PC, so it is not necessary to download the app.

    The most popular method of playing Akinator on a smartphone or tablet is by installing the respective official app from the Play Store or Apple Store.

    How to put a person in Akinator?

    As we now know, Akinator works by analyzing characteristics related to a fictional character or an existing person. And as was also seen, the game relies on the use of a vast database where the information of these individuals is stored and used for guessing.

    However, as many might think, new characters emerge and new people become famous all the time, so how is Akinator able to get to know them so quickly? The answer to this big question is quite simple. We added them.

    The Akinator database is supplemented according to the characters that the players themselves add. In order for you or someone else to be able to perform the feat, you must first be aware that the character must be a public figure, as the insertion of individuals at a private level to the player is not allowed.

    Check out the other steps to add a person to the game in the tutorial listed below:

    1. As already mentioned, first a character or person whose image is public and of great recognition must be chosen;
    2. Once selected, the user must start a game, where Akinator will try to guess him. If it is not in the system or if the questions are not answered satisfactorily, the genie will make an incorrect guess;
    3. After the end of the game, at your request, the genie will present a list of characters similar to your guess, so if your character is on the list, you can add new details to it or even delete it, in cases where there are repetitions;
    4. Now, if the character is not listed, the user must select or say the option “my character is not on the list”, so it will be possible to add a name and a brief description to it.

    This feature, once used, usually works right away, but information can be quickly removed by a moderator if you don't follow in-game guidelines.

    Other content addition options

    In addition to the feature mentioned above, the game also allows players to add images or new questions. Images can be uploaded after a match ends. 

    The player can send an image suggestion in two ways. The first is a question of a character without any defined image, or if the user wants to suggest a new image to him. 

    Finally, to proceed, the terms of use must be accepted and then a copyright-free image must be sent.

    As for the questions, new suggestions can be made at the end of a game, in cases to complement information from existing questions in the game's list or if the player wants to add one that is not yet in the system. 

    One way or another, the information will only be added after being validated by a moderator.

    What does the word Akinator mean?

    The title of the game and the name of the genius, is a very curious and different word, which can end up arousing the interest of most of its players. For, after all, what does the word Akinator mean?


    The answer is that there is no specific meaning established. When researched, the word in question can be associated with different types of meanings and very inconclusive and doubtful origins.

    Two of the most common explanations are those that say that the word comes from the Hebrew and means “the one who defends the acts of Christ”, and those that establish an origin in Latin, where the meaning would be something related to “wisdom”.

    Where do I download Akinator?

    As previously stated, this game can be downloaded through the official Google and Apple app stores, the respective Play Store and Apple Store.

    Installing the app shouldn't take too long, nor should it take up much space on the device's storage in use, since Akinator varies its occupation by a maximum of 50 MB of memory.

    Those who access the game's official website will be given the option to be redirected to the appropriate store available on the device, which makes the process more practical and faster. 

    Finally, once in the store, the user will have the option to purchase the free version or the paid version of the application, where the price will vary according to the platform in question.

    To see other texts, visit our blog and if you liked the text or if you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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