Agent Valorant 16: Leaks, Release Date, Skills, and More

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Everything we know so far about the agent code called Grenadier.

It has been more than two months since the last agent of the Valuing, Astra, was added to the game, and despite the widespread belief that we will see Agent 16 in Episode 3, Act 1, fans are desperate for information.

As such, dataminers have been hard at work analyzing code strings in every new patch, they think they've found something. shortly after the update 2.09 download Viper venom and add the new Breeze map to the ranking queue Valuing , dataminers believe they have found the codename of the new Valorant agent destined to be released in mid-June, and it has players well below the collar.

Known only as 'Grenadier', Valuing Agent 16 It's a bit of a mystery right now, so if you're desperate to find out more, keep reading. Here's everything we know so far about Agent 16, including his name, role, and abilities.


With Episode 2, Act 3 launching with a new map but no playable agents, many players are eagerly awaiting the news of when the Riot Games will be added to the slowly expanding list of games.

While we have not received any official word from the publisher, dataminers found references to a codename 'Grenadier' , widely considered the Agent 16, after the addition of the Astra, which manipulates stars, and the dimension jumper yoru.

New codename for a character : "Grenadier"

— Shiick (@Shiick) May 11, 2021

although the name Grenadier can conjure up images of the duelist rays, it is important to remember that Riot had already clarified that Yoru would be the last duelist for a while . Instead, it's very likely that the new Valorant agent will be a sentry, agents focused on holding angles and flanks, or perhaps even an initiator, capable of locating or debuffing the enemy team to help them reach or retake attack locations. peak.

It is also very possible that it is a ploy to outwit the dataminers; Astra's codename was 'Grape bread', raisin bread in French. Considering how quickly the leaks hit social media after each update, it's possible that 'Grenadier' ​​could just be a red herring until Riot is ready to reveal more.

Source: Valuing
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If the codename is correct, Grenadier is likely to have grenades, but they can be adapted for situational games, similar to Nanoswarms to Killjoy, in line with the role of a sentinel or initiator.

However, if Grenadier is indeed a reference to a new grenade-based operator, similar to Fuse do Apex Legend , this could piss off a community that is tired of skills that do heavy damage or even kill.

“Skills don’t kill” (or more correctly, â€śyou don't kill with skills” ) is a commonly misapplied quote by Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent, and it has been the rallying cry whenever the fire grenade rays or nanoswarm de killjoy manage to land a killing blow. While it's not very likely that we'll see another agent with such high-damage abilities, it's clear that the community is nervous about the idea.

With a ward likely the next role to receive an agent, the next agent is much more likely to focus on utility rather than raw damage. While it's a given that they'll have some way to hold on to peak locations or provide enemy locations for their team, a more sympathetic agent would be a great choice for the squad.

Sage is constantly criticized as a support agent because of her healing and revival abilities, but someone who could really improve their allies, perhaps their movement speed or weapon damage (without overriding Reyna's Empress skill), would be a great way to add some variety to the gameplay.

Source: Valuing


As the Riot decided not to release the new agent in episode 2, act 3, we hope that Agent Valorant 16's release date is mid-June 2021 , along with the beginning of episode 3.

With plenty of time between then and now, the Riot have a chance to really refine the Agent 16. the launch of yoru was a little disappointing as he entered the game in a very weak state, and Astra entered the game as a dominated agent instantly changing the meta.

A Riot will want the release of Agent 16 as per the latest releases, and while the dev team is making us wait, it's just building more hype around the new mystery agent Valuing.

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