Age of Empires 4: How to set a meeting point (and what it's for)

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Rally points allow for easier troop organization in Age of Empires 4 and can prevent players from getting bogged down with logistics during combat.

Military combat is one of the most important aspects of  Age of Empires IV , and troop organization is extremely important. Ensuring units are dispatched and defending the correct area can make or break battles, but it can also become a daunting task when multiple blocks are producing units that need to be sent to one place. This presents an issue later in the game when players are commanding a large civilization in the midst of a major conflict and need troops to be in order and ready to deploy.

This is where Age of Empires 4 Rally Points become important. Rally Points is a game mechanic in Age of Empires 4 that allows troops produced in a specific block to be automatically sent to a different location when ready. That way, troops produced on landlocked and well-protected tiles can be automatically sent to the edge of your civilization to defend borders or prepare for war.

Rallying Points can be set from the start of a new game in Age of Empires IV, and it is very easy to do so. All players need is a unit production building and a place where they want those units to go. 

Once set, the Rally Point will ensure that all new units are sent to the right location, and multiple buildings can share the same point location. It's a vital tool for experienced players and beginners who may just be trying out the  Age of Empires IV  no GamePass .


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April 1th 2022

To set a rally point in Age of Empires IV, players must first click on the building that produces the units they want to move. 

In the building menu at the bottom left of the screen, players can click on the flag icon or press the “G” key and left click on a location on the map to set it as the meeting point for that building. 

Units from that building will now automatically cluster at the Rally Point location after being produced by the target building.

These Rally Points can make life a lot easier, saving you the time it would normally take to manually muster troops in the most useful areas. Regardless of which civilization Age of Empires players to use , it is recommended that they update their Rally Points frequently, as being proactive about this can avoid the risk of being caught off guard by enemy factions without military units in the correct location. 

Especially later in the game when players are likely to have multiple buildings producing new units, it is vitally important that no military resources are wasted sitting on a random tile far from any real conflict. 

For best results, players can set multiple Rally Points at the same location, or at a small number of strategic locations, to ensure all troops are easily accounted for.

Age of Empires IV is available for PC.

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