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    Age of Empires 4: How to play the Rise of Moscow campaign (tips, tricks and strategies)

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    Age of Empires 4 features four separate campaigns revolving around different civilizations. The Rise of Moscow campaign focuses on Rus.

    Age of Empires 4 features four new campaign modes, including the Rise of Moscow campaign, featuring prominent empires throughout history. The third of four campaigns, Rise of Moscow, involves players taking control of the Rus civilization. 

    Since each part of the campaign is centered around a different civilization in the Age of Empires 4 , it is important to know the fundamentals of each civilization to succeed in the campaign.

    The Rus civilization is one of the easiest civilizations to play in the Age of Empires 4 . The Rus civilization has a number of unique abilities, landmarks, units, and strategies that can be used to win the Rise of Moscow campaign. 

    Each player will take a slightly different approach to the Rise of Moscow campaign in Age of Empires 4 , but there are certain tactics players can use to maximize their efficiency.

    The Russian civilization in Age of Empires 4 is focused on defensive strategies as well as unique units such as hunters. 

    The unique abilities of the Rus civilization directly lead to superior defense as well as greater resource gathering. The Rus civilization is perhaps the most defensive civilization, even more so than the English civilization. Players must use these Rus civilization attributes to win the campaign Rise of Moscow.

    Defeating Moscow's Ascension Campaign With The Rus Civilization In Age Of Empires 4

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    The two most important and advantageous Rus civilization skills in Age of Empires 4 are Woodland Federation and Hunter Princes. Each of these features allows players to accomplish something that other civilizations are unable to do.

    Woodland Federation : Woodland Federation causes outposts to be replaced with stronger wooden fortresses. In addition, wooden walls and gates are more resistant. Lumber companies within an outpost's range of influence get a 20% increase in wood production when villagers leave the wood bundles.

    Hunter Princes : Hunter Princes allows the Rus civilization to give Scouts more capabilities. Additionally, this unit rewards the Rus civilization with gold rewards from hunting wild animals, with different animals yielding different amounts of gold. Other buffs for the Rus civilization, such as increased food and gold gathering rates, are unlocked by turning into rewards.

    Overall, players must use the Rus civilization's wood-based defensive capabilities along with their expert hunters to succeed in the Rise of Moscow campaign. 

    They should focus on gathering wood and sending out bounty hunters in the early parts of the campaign to secure their economy and produce units more easily. 

    Players can further strengthen their economy and defenses in the Rise of Moscow campaign by choosing the best Rus civilization landmarks to build in each epoch. If these aspects of Rus civilization are emphasized, the Rise of Moscow campaign in Age of Empires 4 can be easily won.

    Age of Empires 4 is available for PC

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