Age Of Calamity: How to Find All Korok Seeds

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There are several seeds Korok that can be found at the Hyrule Outpost, here is where to find them.

There are many excuses to spend 100 hours or more on Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity . But for the most dedicated fans, finding all of Korok's seeds is an absolute must. They are collectible items that appear in the game's story missions (and some side missions).

No need to search for all Korok seeds alone! This guide details how to find all Korok seeds in Hyrule Outpost, during the story quest “The Yiga Clan Attacks!”

Korok Shrub Seed

Source: IGN

When you show up on the mission, turn left (west) and then south to reach the friendly outpost there. Go as far south as you can to reach a dead-end area full of bushes. On the floor you will see a bright area that you can interact with to reveal a Korok!

Temple of Time overlooking Korok Seed

Source: IGN

To get to the next Korok seed, advance west of the city in which you spawned. Take the first right available (right after the gate is closed) and head straight north. When you reach the end of this dead end road, there is a Korok balloon to pop. use stasis if you need to slow down! You'll know you're in the right place because you can see the Temple of Time from here.

Benches Korok Seed

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The next Korok Seed is nearby. Go down the way back but not sometimes para a main trail. Instead, turn around to go up the other dead-end path you didn't just take. On the left side, you can see a korok flower surrounded by banks.

Korok seed in the backyard

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Now you can head towards the next mission objective to defeat a Yiga Blademaster. But before getting there, check the left side of the path. There are a lot of picnic tables behind the houses, as well as a Korok weathervane.

Korok Seed on the Southeast side

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After defeating the Yiga Blademasters, you will have two Moblins to take care of. As you head towards the southeast, make a small pitstop. Don't go north right away; instead go to as far as you can protocols for nimble in this large open area. Upon entering, you will see a Korok flower under a tree on the right side.

Seed in the dead end of Moblin Korok

Source: IGN

After defeating the Moblin in the southeast, go north and then east to be able to turn the corner, south to the dead end area next to where the Moblin was. Keep an eye on the right side to catch the tree stump between a stable and a house.

Korok Seed on the Eastern Path

via IGN

Continue to progress through the mission objectives. After rescuing the reinforcements, you will be asked to fight some enemies, including an Electric Moblin. One of these enemies is in the Far East. After defeating that one, you may notice that there is a narrow and dead-end path in the Far East. If you follow this path to the north, you can find uma flor Korok to interact.

Korok Seed at the Broken Bridge

Source: IGN

Next you will need capture multiple outposts In the north. start with the one to the west. After taking it, head straight south – There is a dead-end path just below the outpost. no end of it, where a broken bridge interrupts your journey, you can find a tree stump with a Korok hiding there!

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