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This is good news for fans hoping for a Silent Hills reboot, who were taken in by a sequel to conspiracy theories from Blue Box Game Studios and its PS5-exclusive game Abandoned. But for the happiness of PC gamers, it was announced by the developer that the game will also be released on the platform.

PT was one of the best ghost games on the market, but it was just a demo of a game led by Hideo Kojima called Silent Hills, a new entry in the beloved horror series. That was cancelled, but the madness with the game Abandoned started in April when the first teaser was revealed, showing a mysterious first-person horror game set in the woods, while PT was set in a house.

Hideo Kojima is known for doing things like this, and it's entirely possible that Blue Box Game Studios is actually one of Kojima's operations and Abandoned is actually a rebooted Silent Hill, or something similar.

This would certainly coincide with rumors earlier this year that Konami has partnered with a prominent Japanese developer to bring back Silent Hill, with a reveal this year.

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April 1th 2022

Until June 22nd, which is the day the game launches for PC, it's all one big conspiracy theory. Despite the only developer listed on the project being Hasan Kahraman, who has the same initials as Hideo Kojima and whose last name is “Hideo” translated into Turkish via Google Translate. Even on the off chance that Abandoned isn't Silent Hills, it's still a massive PS5-exclusive horror that's now coming to PC as well, and that's always good news.

Below you can check out the official trailer for the game.

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