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    A new zombie map for Black Ops Cold War season 4: Mauer der Toten

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    Source: Activision

    A Treyarch finally revealed the details of the upcoming Zombies mode map of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War .

    Call of Duty revealed the official script for season 4 for Warzone e Black ops cold war with lots of new content to be discovered in the coming weeks, including new weapons, new game modes and new Zombies mode, whether in contagion or classic maps.

    It is therefore confirmed that this 4 Season will include a new map for the Zombies mode that will take place in Berlin and will not include “Wall of the Dead".

    Source: Activision

    The zombies gradually took control of Verdansk.

    While you can discover a new region in contagion mode, you can also embark on Germany for a new map with the round system.

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    This new map will, of course, follow the story of Dark Ether with undoubtedly many secrets to discover for lovers of Zombies mode for many years to come.

    Call of Duty has released an official description of the Mauer der Toten map coming in Season 4:

    “Fans of Die Maschine and Firebase Z and all other Zombies maps with the round system will be delighted to welcome Mauer der Toten, the next chapter of Black Ops Cold War Zombies coming mid-season.

    Taking place after the events of Operation Contagion Excision, the story of Dark Ether will continue in the upcoming Treyarch zombie map, where players will land in East Berlin following a zombie invasion that has taken over the city. ”

    The next chapter in the Dark Aether story arrives July 2021.

    Prepare for #MauerDerToten in Season Four.

    — Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) June 14, 2021

    “The next chapter in the Dark Ether story arrives in July 2021. Get ready for Mauer Der Toten in Season XNUMX.”

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