A new PS5 model is apparently in development, but it might not be much different

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A patent recently filed by the Sony Group Corp suggests that the PlayStation is working on a new model of the PS5, but that may not change much.

PS5 is still missing, as fans of the PlayStation continue to buy it at various outlets, but Sony recently filed a patent that suggests a new model is on the way.

According to business analyst Robert Serrano, the new patent for the PS5 da Sony was deposited on April 26. Serrano revealed on his Twitter account that Sony's patent was officially registered on May 23, which may suggest that the new model of the PS5 is already in the works. 

The fans of PlayStation currently have the choice between the PS5 and PS5 digital edition, but this new model could simply replace the base PS5.

many fans of PlayStation might be excited at the prospect of a new PS5 model being in the works so early in the generation, but it might be no different from the base PS5. 

The only notable change being made to this model of PS5, according to Sony's patent, is the WiFi unit inside the console. 

The new WiFi module is named AW-XM501 and will replace the existing PS20 model J100H5 module. This suggests that the new model will simply replace the base PS5, just like the red box of the Nintendo Switch which silently replaced the release model.

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The new PS5 model is called CFI-1115A in Sony's patent, which was recently detected when it was registered to the M20DAL1 wireless communication module by Sony Group Corp.

The patent claims that this improved PS5 will receive a peak antenna gain of 4,0/3,5dBi, which can technically reduce wireless performance on the console when it is connected to a router with a 2,4GHz signal.

New #PS5 model CFI-1115A spotted in the latest Wireless communication module M20DAL1 registered by Sony Group Corp. at https://t.co/pLg44umht0 on Apr 26, 2021

This suggests a revision of PS5 is coming sooner or later, already registered on May 23, 2021 https://t.co/KVORHFGAb9 pic.twitter.com/KuyshUAba1

— Roberto Serrano' (@geronimo_73) May 27, 2021

some fans of PlayStation You may wonder why the new module would reduce peak antenna gain on a newer PS5 model, but shows a higher gain on routers with a 5GHz signal. 

The launch model of the PS5 receives a peak antenna gain of 5,0/3,5dBi from the PS5 on a 5GHz signal, while the revised model PS5 achieves a peak antenna gain of 6,0/4,5dBi . 

This can reduce ping and lag for fans of the PlayStation that have routers that reach 5GHz signals, but this has not been officially confirmed, so owners of the new PS5 model may not see any difference.

The players of PlayStation Those struggling to secure a PS5 might be looking forward to a PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim, but they'll wait a little longer.

 The changed WiFi module seems to be on the line between 2,4GHz capable routers and 5GHz powers a little better than the model PS5 Of launching. Although enthusiasts of PS5 may not see the improved performance of the new model, there's likely a reason why Sony decided to make the switch.

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