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    A new Halo Infinite trailer is being teased

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    It looks like a new trailer for Halo Infinite will be released soon for those eager to see more of Craig the Brute. Halo Infinite's Joseph Staten took to Twitter to share an update from his week, and it looks like he's releasing a new trailer for the Master Chief tale in progress. 

    343 Industries recently stated that it would have more to share on Halo Infinite "soon," and it looks like "soon" could very well be this month. Even more so with Staten's follow-up tweet, which you can see below: 

    Summary of my week:

    - Joseph Staten (@joestaten) May 8, 2021

    The “117” is obviously a reference to John 117, also known as the Master Chief. Stealth Staten, stealthy! 

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    I'm personally excited to see more gameplay. When the studio behind Halo Infinite first shared the gameplay, reactions to the inside look were mixed. Some thought it was a lackluster demonstration of the "power" of next-gen technology with the Xbox Series X.

    In contrast, others were thrilled that it felt like an authentic Halo experience. For me, I definitely fell in the second field. While I certainly understand the criticism, all I got from that gameplay demo was strong Halo Reach vibes, which made me very happy. 

    Every part of what was shown looked artistically Halo-like and authentic in its styling. The revelation got me excited for the next step, even though the community was very divided. 

    That said, the decision to delay came shortly after the criticism, and the team is working hard to make sure Infinite the Halo fans get the experience they want. Seeing the hard work 343 put in after the previous reveal is going to be interesting. 

    We don't have an estimated release date at this point, though an actor reportedly linked to Halo Infinite has apparently confirmed that the next step for this story would arrive in November.

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