A Minecraft Player makes a replica of the in-game chest like an arcade machine

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Another day, another great Minecraft build, as the player shows off his real-life arcade machine that looks like the in-game chest.

O  player of Minecraft u/Kashmir03 took to Reddit to show off a working arcade machine his brother built that looks like a wooden box from the game. The creation contains a PC that players can use to play Minecraft, and just like the chest, it opens and closes.

One of the most acclaimed video games of all time, Minecraft has been inspiring these creations since its release in 2011. Arcade machines have been around for decades, but this creation is likely one of the earliest homemade tributes to the game and the iconic game system.

One of Minecraft's iconic blocks, the wooden chest is a player's best friend as it contains up to 27 unique stacks of items and can be easily crafted with wooden planks. Storage is crucial in a game that asks players to gather materials and improve their defenses, so building this arcade machine to look like Minecraft's chest works well.

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Building this replica in the real world likely required more than the eight wooden planks required by the game's recipe, but U/Kashmir03's sibling creation seems relatively close to the in-game chest. Viewed open and closed, the reconstruction features a screen, keyboard, joystick, and a rolling ball for in-game interaction.

Sandbox players are often asked by the game to flex their creative muscles and this has led to some wild creations in games like Valheim, Rust, and of course Minecraft. This build takes that creativity to another level and acts as an homage to not only the best-selling video game, but arcade cabinets as well. The combination results in a new way to play Minecraft and the build should be immediately recognizable to anyone even vaguely familiar with the game.

The only blocks that really stand out more than the Minecraft chest in the game are the worktable, stone furnace, and grass block. Any of these three would work great as a replacement and can actually get a bigger response from players and be even more recognizable. Then again, none of these blocks open like the chest and so it makes sense why u/Kashmir03's brother went with the chest.

Opening the chest shows a nice recreation of a classic arcade machine. U/Kashmir03's sibling build is true to the game and definitely has a unique flavor because of its style. The arcade machine style works surprisingly well and the cunning required for this build should inspire even Minecraft developers.

Minecraft already  is available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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