9 Ergonomics Tips for Gamers

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If you are a gamer or you know that your friends play games using the computer constantly, it is important to pay attention to the damage generated in the long term, by the hours and hours in front of a computer. 

It is of paramount importance that professional gamers pay attention to these details, such as poor posture to play, the hours in front of a monitor can damage your vision, among other damages to your health. 

What are its benefits and how to choose a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is one of the most requested items that promote well-being to your health, as they are much more comfortable and ergonomic. It is important when choosing your chair, opt for the most comfortable ones, given that they spent hours in front of a computer or notebook. 

For this reason, a gaming chair is a great alternative that offers you all the comfort, especially for those who spend a long time at a computer, in addition to maintaining the correct posture, without effort.

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The lack of ergonomics for gamers can harm your body, causing a lot of damage.

For this reason, we will present some ergonomic tips for gamers, so that they know how to invest in ergonomic technology, for greater comfort and to avoid severe damage in the long term.

  1. Use a mouse according to hand size and with the shortest possible response time

There are several types of mouse on the market of various sizes and models. For gamers, the most recommended mouse is the one that fully accommodates the gamer's hand, that is, the mouse that is proportional to your hand. If your hand is small it is essential to use the smaller mice, in addition, a mouse with a lower response time can offer more help. 

  1. Opt for a screen at a comfortable height

When carrying out your activities on the computer, it is important to place the computer screen at a completely comfortable height for your neck, as it can provide less body tension and provide greater comfort for the user, avoiding neck pain. 

It is recommended to use those notebook alternatives that have the height regulation option. 

Another very important point to highlight is to avoid the frequent bending of the neck to carry out activities at work or to play. Items you use frequently should be in a position where you can pick up quickly without having to bend over or twist your neck, or even your torso. 

  1. Mouse and keyboard on the same level, next to each other

When using the mouse and keyboard, it's important to make sure the two are on the same level. Some computer tables may offer an ergonomic support for inserting the keyboard, but it is essential that when placing the keyboard on this table support, you also insert the mouse to stay at the same level. 

It is also essential that when using keyboards and mice maintain your posture, to avoid back pain and damage to your back in the long run. 

  1. Keyboard with mechanical and lower keys, like those on notebooks

It is extremely important to pay attention to keyboards that offer more comfortable keys, without needing force to click. Keyboards that have the hardest keys can cause you unnecessary effort, in addition to causing some injuries to the muscles and tendons, which can even cause tendinitis. 

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  1. Take care of posture, take breaks and stretches

Another fundamental point for any activity that requires you to spend a long period of time in front of the computer is taking care of your posture, it is important to use all supports that offer comfort for your back, such as ergonomic chairs, keyboards and mice at a height that promotes spine posture, it is important to always keep your feet on the floor or in proper foot support. 

It is important that every two or three hours in front of the computer, whether playing or even working, take some breaks. It is worth remembering that working non-stop and constantly can decrease your productivity, in addition to causing damage to your vision, even causing damage to your mental health. 

And, when you take breaks, we recommend stretching your back, arms and fingers, it can help you better, both in the development of work and in your well-being.

  1. Pace of work

Another important point that is also linked to the process of taking breaks, is the pace of work, it is of paramount importance not to exaggerate, work has to be moderate and take breaks during your day-to-day. 

This also applies to all players, it is important to keep the pace of play reasonable. And, if possible, take a break period of 1 to 2 minutes, every 15 or 20 minutes of play or work, and every 1 hour take a break of at least 5 minutes. 

  1. Work Technique

Another method is to use some strategies during work, such as avoiding performing movements that are quite repetitive. For this, it is recommended to use shortcut keys, as well as using some special programs, all these combinations can be ergonomic. 

Another strategy is to use the alternative in your tasks, so that your body does not remain in one position for hours and hours. Keeping all your fingers and joints relaxed when digital is essential. 

As well as avoiding hitting the keyboard hard, get your hands as relaxed as possible. And from time to time relax your eyes to different objects during the course of activities carried out on your computer or notebook. 

  1. Desktop

In your work environment it is essential to avoid wasting time looking for materials and tools while you are typing. These materials and tools should always be in easily accessible locations and positions to avoid searching time and even stress. 

As mentioned before, it is possible to choose specific tables to support or support keyboards and mice, so that they are at equal levels and provide the best position for your back. 

It is important to adjust the monitor to a comfortable height and avoid too much glare, as too much brightness can damage your eyesight. Customizing the letters, contrasts, speeds and sizes of mouse pointers, as well as screen colors, can provide greater comfort for your vision, as well as greater efficiency. 

  1. Lifestyle

Another factor that can harm your health, as well as your work routine and productivity in carrying out tasks is lifestyle. Since you spend hours in front of a computer screen the only thing that is preferable when going out in front of the computer is a bed. 

But it is important to practice exercises and physical activities, because they can provide an improvement in your health, in addition to preventing cardiovascular diseases and increasing your productivity in carrying out everyday tasks or activities. 

Therefore, it is also important to organize your schedule, so you don't spend a lifetime of work or just in front of a computer. We also highlight the importance of performing other tasks, such as physical activities, in your routine, it is a good alternative to schedule a time to exercise from 40 minutes to 1 hour, it increases your productivity at work, in addition to reducing stress.

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