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The benefits of rings are more than just a collection to show off on your 8 Ball Pool player profile. They are one of the best things you can do to increase your long-term rewards.

In this guide, we'll show you why you should actively merge them together, even when you already have one of each type.

Rings = VIP

There is something called VIP Points in 8 Ball Pool, and similar to your player level, there are also various ranks you can get, and rings are one of the best ways to accumulate VIP Points.

Each rank you unlock in your VIP status will increase the rewards you receive, including Spin & Win or Lucky Shot.

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The best benefits you will get are the additional daily spins in Spin & Win and also the extra XP gained.

Therefore, to unlock individual ranks, you will need the aforementioned VIP Points:

BRONZE: up to 239
SILVER: up to 3.239
GOLD: up to 14.999
EMERALD: up to 134.999
DIAMOND: up to 869.000

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And the only way to get those VIP Points, far from spending real money in the 8 Ball Pool shop, is to unlock and farm rings.

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As you can see, getting 620 VIP Points as with the ring above may not seem like much, but it will help you reach VIP Gold Rank quickly, and that means 25% more Spin & Win prizes and 20% more XP on each game you play!

The most common mistake seen often is that people only get one ring and stop when they have it, but you can farm any ring for an unlimited amount and own a lot of them, and that's what you really should do!

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Which rings should you buy?

Not all rings will award the same amount of VIP Points. The higher the stakes in the game, the more VIP Points you will receive for each ring you unlock.

Therefore, the best strategy to use will be to group them in the highest game room your bankroll will allow.

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