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There is a fine line where you move in the 8 Ball Pool. You need a good cue to compete with your opponents, but you don't want to spend all your coins on new cues because you need to have a coin to move up the game rooms and earn more coins without risking going bankrupt. Even knowing this, we have to keep in mind that a player is never better than his equipment and this also applies to 8 Ball Pool.

This guide will give you an overview of the clubs you should get and spend your coins while you wait to unlock a legendary club.

what to look for

Let's talk a little bit about the game's stats first.

Force – Good for hitting hard, especially early in the game where most clubs are simply so weak that you can barely get the white on the table. However, there's not much reason to have a value higher than 7.

View – Really useful and will give you a longer line of sight. At first it's so short you can barely aim, while a higher aim will take you up to half the distance. This will make long plays at the table much easier and these are the ones you also need to pocket in 8 Ball Pool to win.

Line of Business – Especially at the beginning of the game you won't use spin much, but then you simply need it to win, relocating the white ball right after hitting the ball.

Time – Useful for aiming but not as important as the other stats, see this as a great benefit.

Best tacos to start

First of all, we don't have any legendary clubs here, as they are pure luck, so we won't be recommending any specific ones. They're all pretty good, so if you can get one, get it, but it can take quite a while to unlock a specific one.

Here are tips worth using and outstanding coins to level up.

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Tacos with coins and money

Forget about those tips, they are acceptable to use but have bad stats i.e. you will get a better bat from the boxes when you can afford them or are they just incredibly expensive for your stats.

Here are some clubs that you can get without worrying too much about it.

King Cue

The King Cue is a cue that has impressive stats.

Source: Screenshot of the game

Galaxy Cue

Galaxy Cue is also a great suggestion, but you can only unlock it in crates you get by winning matches in Berlin, the highest game room in 8 Ball Pool. If you can, you can start leveling up without a doubt.

Source: Screenshot of the game

There is also the Amsterdam Cue, which you can unlock much earlier. This club also has great stats that will help you, and once you get it, you can ignore other clubs and start looking for a legendary.

Source: Screenshot of the game

This was our guide to the best 8 Ball Pool tacos. Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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