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    8 Ball Pool: How to win tournaments

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    Tournaments are not that popular for most players in 8 Ball Pool, but they should be. In fact, they offer much better prices and are much more exciting to play than regular 1v1 matches.

    How tournaments work

    Tournaments have some special rules in 8 Ball Pool that make them different to play compared to regular 1v1 games. The most important are:

    • You need to play several rounds;
    • You have a timer for a total of 3 minutes;
    • No orientation shown;

    So there are 8 players entering the tournament and the winner takes all. This means that in the long run your reward is much higher by playing them often if you have the skill to win.

    You need to win a total of 3 games to get the win, those being the first round, the semi final and then the final game.

    Source: Screenshot of the game

    An important detail is that you only have a total of 3 minutes to aim your shots. This will favor good players because they will know which ball to pocket next and how to play it without aiming too long. You probably know this from one-on-one matches when your opponent seems to take forever to play.

    Last but not least, you won't have a guideline for the ball you hit, you'll need to rely on your intuition and experience. If you now think this is crazy, it is not. In fact, it's much better not to look at the guideline all the time and play the ball according to your intuition and experience.

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    And the best thing, these aspects will put you in favor of the other players if you follow some simple rules that we will tell you now.

    Winning Tournaments

    Here are some basic rules that will help you win tournaments.

    1 – Keep calm

    There's no need to rush or make crazy moves, just focus on your shots and don't risk long shots.

    If you're not sure about a shot, play it safe rather than risk a foul or pocket the cue ball. You can also gently tap the colored ball.

    Your opponent often plays risky and makes a lot of fouls that you can easily exploit.

    2 – Skill gained

    In 1-on-1, the guy with the best cue is always at an advantage because of the directive and the power that can randomly pocket a ball when a shot is missed.

    In tournaments this advantage doesn't happen as much as there are no guidelines and you have to pay all bets before playing the cue ball. This requires more skill than money. We know that many of you don't have all the legendary shiny clubs, so tournaments are great for you.

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