8 Ball Pool: How to make tabbed shots

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Scheduled shots are a player skill, but still many players have trouble making them in 8 Ball Pool the right way.

It's not really a game of guessing or cheating to hit a table play and you can easily learn the technique behind it to apply it to your game.

I assume you see situations like this often:

Source: Screenshot of the game

So how do you resolve this?

Let us show you how to deal with this problem.

Scheduled shots

The difference between a regular 8 Ball Pool player and a novice player is that the former knows this system and the latter does not.

The system is really quite easy and you can find out for yourself by looking at the table. You will see that there are small dots horizontally and vertically:

Source: Prepared by the author

A pool table is always twice as long as it is wide, so you can divide it into 8 sections on the horizontal and 4 sections on the vertical side.

Let's put them through some examples to show you how you can use them.

Source: Prepared by the author
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You need to draw a line in your mind as you look at the table to find the right angle to hit the cue ball.

Just look at the horizontal or vertical line and you see the distance, so you just have to divide it in half and you know where you need to hit the ball. Let's apply this to the situation at the beginning.

The objective is to pocket the red ball or at least place it close to the hole (let's assume this is your only play option).

Source: Prepared by the author

So what you have to do is estimate the distance on the vertical side:

Source: Prepared by the author

Now you need to add half of that on the other side and see the point where you need to hit the wall for the shot.

Source: Prepared by the author

The points on the table are simply helping you to estimate distances more accurately.

After that, your shot will look like this and all I need to do is estimate the right distances.

Source: Prepared by the author

Of course, now you need to hit the ball at a perfect angle, it's a bit much, but you can get a good chance by trying and you won't risk missing the color and giving your opponent a lack of grace.

This was our 8 ball pool tee shot guide. Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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