8 Ball Pool: How to level up quickly

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Most players see their player level and rank as something that will evolve normally in the 8 Ball Pool. But unlike many other games, player level is really important and will give you a big advantage.

In this guide, we are going to show you what the perks of a higher player level are, what important levels you should reach and also how you can level up quickly. Without further ado, let's get started.

Player level and rating

You can get to level 999, but there's a lot more to player level than what you might see at first.

Here are the perks you get as you level up.


With each new level you will receive Pool Cash, which is important for getting legendary crates that will unlock a legendary hint at some point. So each additional player level will bring you closer to your first legendary suggestion.

Source: Screenshot of the game

highest rating

Player Levels are grouped by player rank, and a higher rank means you will be placed in a higher league and can earn higher Pool cash prizes every week.

Here are the ratings:

Intern (Level 1-2)
Beginner (Level 3-5)
Student (Level 6-9)
Amateur (Level 10-14)
Hustler (Level 15-20)
Semi-Pro (Level 21-27)
Professional (Level 28-35)
Virtuous (Level 36-44)
Specialist (Level 45-54)
Veteran (Level 55-65)
Master (Level 66-77)
Grandmaster (Level 78-90)
Ace (Level 91-104)
Superstar (Level 105-119)
King (Level 120-136)
Emperor Pool (level 137+)

Highest Player Level = Highest Club Stats

The most important part about player level is that you will improve your club stats, specifically power, spin and also guidance!

Source: Screenshot of the game
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So, here are the sweet spot levels you should aim for:

Extended directive (+5 each)

3 Level
18 Level
33 Level
43 Level
58 Level
78 Level
83 Level
98 Level

Extended round (+5 each)

8 Level
23 Level
38 Level
63 Level
73 Level
88 Level

Extended power (+5 each)

14 Level
28 Level
48 Level
53 Level
68 Level
93 Level

Source: Screenshot of the game

How to level up faster

Leveling up is all about earning XP points, and the only way to gain experience is by playing matches, whether it's tournaments or regular pool matches.

Heads up! Practicing offline or playing with people on your friends list will no longer give you XP!

You will receive XP even if you lose:

Lost game 16% XP
Game won 100% XP
Tournament lost 25% XP
Tournament Won 120% XP

As you can see, playing tournaments will give you a higher amount of XP and allow you to level up faster, even if you lose them, you will get more XP compared to regular matches, and if you manage to win them, you will get up to 20% more XP than playing a normal match.

Source: Screenshot of the game

It's understandable that a lot of players don't want to play tournaments, but the rules are all the same, except you have a total timer of 2 minutes, so you need to aim faster and play faster. In general, tournaments are even better to earn fast XP because games will be sped up and finish faster (higher XP/minute) and also opponents will make more mistakes which will help you win, including timeout when they have bad connection.

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