8 Ball Pool Guide: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game

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O 8 Ball Pool was released in2010as an online multiplayer game and the objective was simple, to make a simple and clear game for everyone so that everyone could play whenever they wanted. And the same thing happened, the game server crashed on the very first day due to a large number of simultaneous users. 

That's the popularity of the game. The game became even more accessible and comprehensive when it came to mobile platforms. 

The game grew in popularity and in a number of users. Many players just get into the flow of the simplicity of the game in 8 Ball Pool and miss out on a lot of important things to become the best at the game. Here's a beginner's guide to get to know the game better and all thetipseriggedto become a pro in 8 Ball Pool.

1. Know the common faults in the game

pocketing the 8 ball

  • pocket the 8 ball before all object balls (your own colored balls).
  • Pocket the 8 Ball in any other pocket , except in the chosen pocket. (only on some levels)

In both cases, the result will be a victory for the opponent.

Rules and regulations

Fouls resulting in opponent's 'ball in hand'

  • Missing the allotted time would result in giving up the pass to the opponent, with the ball in his hands. The opponent can now easily take their shot.
  • Cue hitting the opponent's ball.
  • And it was white does not hit your own ball.
  • The cue ball or the objective ball does not hit the grid around the edge of the table.
  • At the highest table/level of play, pocket your own ball in any pocket other than the chosen pocket.

These are common faults that must be avoided. Most of them are rules basic , but the important thing is to make one of the mistakes that would cost the whole game . In the 8-ball pool, the opponent, if skilled, that is, knows all the tips and tricks, can eliminate all balls in one pass . So giving up the ball would cost terribly.

click on the 'I ' to know the rules of the game

To learn more about which mode has which specific rules, click on the ‘ i’, on the Game or Table Mode tab.

2. Choose the correct game mode/level

The game starts with london table and then other tables are unlocked with an increase in player level. Higher tables offer bigger and better rewards with experience. But most players miss the basics of changing the rules. The rules become stricter, as choose a pocket in which you would pocket all your balls .

Non-8 Ball Pool Game Modes

Also, the fact is that you are betting more money for more rewards. And to top it off, there would be better opponents with better leads. Therefore, choose your game mode wisely and go to the higher levels only when you are sure you will win.

3. Earn more coins before playing higher levels

You must have enough coins with you so that even if you lose, you have enough coins to play another game. For example, have you unlocked the Tokyo table and has 2500 Coins on your account. Now you've been playing a game in Tokyo and lost . Now you have it 0 Coins account and cannot play a single game.

sending coins

You can also ask friends for free coins and you can also donate coins to your friend . And the donated currency is none of your business, it's free. You can enable this feature by logging in to Facebook . You can send and receive gifts from Fb friends once a day.

 4. Use o Spin Sometimes

Spin , also called in-game English, is the way to land/move the cue ball in the desired direction so it's easier for your next shot. the turn is the key to be a great snooker player and, to be honest, at higher levels it is very difficult to win without positioning and controlling the cue ball.

For example, are you giving a tiro in a ball that goes into the pocket and there is always a chance that the cue ball will go into the pocket as well (this happens a lot). But if you apply the backspin, the ball will come back after you hit it.

To use Spin, click on the white ball in the upper right corner of the screen, place the red dot accordingly , to have the desired spin / movement of the ball.

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How to get better at Spin in 8 Ball Pool

Or spin can be Top Spin (the cue ball goes forward or in the same direction after hitting the ball), Back Spin (the cue ball bounces back/or in the opposite direction after hitting the ball), Right Spin (the cue ball goes right after hitting the ball) and left rotation (the cue ball goes to the left after hitting the ball). It may seem simple, but practical use is difficult. To get better at Spin, you need to practice more and more using the spin.

Pool spins with 8 balls

With practice, you know the amount of turning required. Cue also has an effect in the amount of spin that can be produced. Therefore, all these factors are collectively deciding the placement of the cue ball.

5. Get better tips and use your skills right.

There are tracks with different characteristics and powers , invest in getting clues that make you better at winning. Not only would having a better club do the job, but it also takes practice with the club. For example, you've been playing the beginner cue for about 20 games and suddenly you have a legendary cue to play. The first shot would never work like it did with the beginner level club.

Legendary billiard tips 8

Better tips have better power, better line of sight, better turning capabilities . So you have to know which suggestion does which function, and that would only be known through practice. Practice small matches through new tracks, discover the potential and take them to important matches. Winning tournaments is one of the best ways to unlock good tips.

6. Get better at look

With a beginner tip, you get a small line target ball sight. This makes it a little difficult to line up the target ball that is in the pockets. A simple trick/cheat would be to have a small piece of paper with straight lines. Place the edge of the paper with the small crosshairs and your crosshairs will be extended. But keep in mind that you have limited time and do it quickly.

Using tap to watch

There is an option in the settings where you can customize the crosshair setting. With this option, you can reposition the bat to aim the ball you want to hit with just one tap , instead of dragging the picture across the entire phone screen. Tap to aim doesn't line up the aim for a perfect shot; you need to adjust the aim to pocket the ball perfectly. This just helps a faster target.

7. play mini games regularly and complete new missions

Playing mini-games like Lucky Shot or Spin the wheel gives you better rewards and cue pieces that are useful in the long run. Also, collect the daily rewards, even if they are small.

Mini games in 8 Ball Pool

In addition, focus on open reward boxes regularly . If you don't, the reward boxes will fill the slots and when you get a better crate, there will be no slot to store it. The crate also displays better rewards and signage pieces.

8. Create/Join a Club

In a club, members can organize friendly games to improve their game. In addition, clubs allow members to request gifts from other players, which includes a nice bundle of coins and XP.

Joining clubs in snooker 8

These aren't the only benefits of joining a club, there's also a club leaderboard where clubs compete in the National Classification and in the World Classification . If your clubs perform well and are at the top of the league, there will be great rewards for club members .

To join a club, go to the upper left corner from the home page.


Being a big fan of miniclip games and someone who has been playing billiards 8 since the beginning, we hope that with this billiards 8 guide, you will enjoy the true essence of the game.

Climb the levels at your own pace and master the aim, understand the hints and use them carefully according to the game situation. With these tips and tricks, and the proper practice, you are sure to become a pro at 8 Ball Pool.

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