8 Ball Pool: Coin Economic Guide

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Have you ever broken in 8 Ball Pool?

Many players have this problem, waste a lot of time and get very frustrated when they have to start playing in the low game rooms again.

We are going to show you a strategy that will keep you from breaking even when you are on a losing streak. At the same time, it will help you get the biggest coin gains possible for your balance.

How to earn as many coins as possible?

The reward always depends on the game room you are challenging other players in, but there is something many players just do wrong, they bet with all their coins.

See, the higher the game room, the bigger the reward, but can you honestly say you've never lost a single game in 8 Ball Pool?

You lose, sometimes you are unlucky and sometimes you are a better opponent. The important thing is to know that this happens here and there, so if you put all your coins in a single match, you could lose everything and have to start in the lowest game room again.

That's why you just need proper economic management. It's generally about 5 times the entry fee so make sure you don't lose everything when you have a bad streak.

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Let's take an example: let's say you win about 65% of your matches (and that's a pretty high number for a good player in Toronto/Cairo or higher). Your chances of defeat are as follows:

  • Losing a game is 35%;
  • Losing two games in a row is 13%;
  • Losing three games is 4%.

So this is in case you're the better player and normally the higher game rooms will give you tougher opponents with better gear too, plus the fact that you're a little scared (psychologically) to take less risk will make it a gamble.

The fact here is that you shouldn't play in a game room for which you only have coins for one or two entry fees. You can easily lose everything and start collecting again in the London Pub and this takes a lot longer than collecting more coins in lower game rooms.

Game room strategy

Here we have listed a strategy that will work and prevent you from going broke and going up quickly without risking going broke.

Downtown London Pub

This is the first game room, so go ahead. The players are bad here and with a little skill you can easily beat them in most matches and the 50 coin entry fee is very low. We must remember that you start with 250 coins so you can play here comfortably.

If you realize that winning is very easy, you can move to Sydney Marina Bar when you have 400 coins, there is no time to lose here.

Sydney Marina Bar

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You shouldn't have too many problems here either. However, if you lose the first two games here and drop to 200 coins, you should head back to London to avoid breaking completely.

Normally this doesn't happen, but you can have a losing streak here, and if you put all your economy in here, after a few defeats you could be completely broke.

The next game room takes a big leap into Moscow, where the entry fee is 500 coins, so stay in Sydney until you have at least 2.000 coins.

Moscow Winter Club

Again, don't play in Moscow with less than 2.000 coins in your pocket, as this will make you much more comfortable. If you enter here with 2.000 coins and lose a match or two at most, you should go back to Sydney.

In Moscow you will see the first opponents who show something like common sense, so start getting comfortable here, keep your wits about you and play until you have at least 10.000 coins.

Tokyo Warrior Hall

You can play Tokyo aggressively with an absolute minimum of 8.500 coins, but that's a bit risky. If you do, you will need to return to Moscow if you lose a single match.

Ideally, start with an economy of 10.000 to 11.000 coins and start playing two matches in Tokyo, which gives you a better chance of winning a match here. Opponents are not really better than in Moscow, but you see some with better equipment which can be difficult.

Las Vegas only has 4x the entrance fee of Tokyo, so stay here until you have 40.000 to 50.000 coins.

Las Vegas Full House

In Las Vegas, players get better and some have been playing long enough to have better gear than you, so be aware. This is also a common room where people who run out of money in higher rooms come back, so staying here is a little more difficult.

Stay here until you have at least 250.000 coins and also spend some of your coins for upgrades.

Jakarta Volcano and superiores

Good news first, entry fees don't increase 4 or 5 times as of now, so you can get a savings for the next game room faster, but the bad news is that this only applies in theory.

From now on, you'll need to spend more coins to upgrade your gear, so don't rush too much here. You can still go up, but never go to a higher game room unless you have a minimum of five entry fees.

In general, we recommend the following:

  • The Dip: 4-5 entry fees, move to the lower room after losing the first match, or drop below 5 entry fees.
  • Default: 5-7 entry fees allows you to play 2-3 matches when going backwards to get used to taller players more comfortably and allows you to take more risks.
  • Conservative: 10+ entrance fees. This is not recommended unless you find yourself making bigger mistakes because it just wastes a lot of time and you could spend getting more coins in a higher game room.

That was our 8 Ball Pool coin savings guide. Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news about the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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