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    8 Ball Pool: Best ways to start the game

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    In half of your games, you get a chance to start and open the game, and it's normal to see a lot of people hitting the cue ball with full force and hoping for the best.

    Having the right to the first move is a great chance to have the game in your favor. Just hitting the cue ball with full force will you give your opponent the advantage because he can carefully decide and even choose colors. This is definitely not what you want.

    Why is starting so important in 8 Ball Pool?

    First, you have the action and you don't have to react.

    The break will give you the advantage of being able to choose colors, but you always want to not only pocket at least one ball to get another shot, but also spread the balls evenly across the pool table so you can keep playing, and that will give you give you a head start.

    Best ways to get started in 8 Ball Pool

    Here are three different ranges you can use in 8 Ball Pool and they all require different tips to do them, so don't do the pro range when you only have a beginner club, it just isn't strong enough to give you. the same result.

    start for beginners

    This is the range you should use until you have a club with at least Strength 6 and Spin 5. This range is still very powerful and works well too.

    Here's what you will do:

    Source: Prepared by the author

    You will move the cue ball to the line to the top corner and place it exactly at the same height as the top mark on the table (see red arrow).

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    You will now target the penultimate ball on the top side so the angle is close to 45 degrees as shown above.

    Then you will backspin the cue ball completely and hit it with maximum force. This will pocket at least one ball and spread the balls out evenly, and you can continue playing.

    Beginner for intermediate and advanced players

    Now let's talk about a more powerful start. Don't use this tactic if your club doesn't have at least Strength (6) and Spin (5) or you will fail!

    You can use this start in two different positions, one is directly at the bottom mark (left) and the other is right in front of the pocket (right). The first is a little easier to position the cue ball accurately.

    Source: Prepared by the author

    Now it's about aiming right, we hope the image below helps, it shows the movement from left to right:

    Source: Prepared by the author

    You will aim at the ball below the 8 ball (the solid purple one) and move slowly to aim at the 12. As soon as you realize that you will hit the striped 12, you are in the right place.

    You need to do this very carefully because the first point of contact is exactly the right point.

    Now you just need to do a full backspin and hit full power and you'll be off to a good start and be a big step closer to winning the match.

    That was our guide on how to start the game in 8 Ball Pool. Comment below what content you would like to see on our website. Take care and until next time!

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