8 Ball Pool: Best Trick Shots and How to Perform Them

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Trick shots, as hard shots are called, are something really impressive and sometimes even necessary. In 8 Ball Pool, you often see a situation where you just can't play your next move straight and need to get a little creative.

See, tricks are more than just showing off in front of your opponent, and in this tutorial, we're going to show you the most common tricks and how you can do them yourself.

best trickshots

Let's get straight to the most common tricks.

Scheduled shots

These are probably the most used trick moves you'll need in many, if not almost every 8 Ball Pool game when there's no clear path to pocket one of your balls.

Source: Screenshot of the game

As you can see above, the only way to really pocket the orange ball is to use a tabbed shot.

They are really easy to calculate because you have the dots on the sides of the pool table that help you find the perfect spot where you should aim your shot.

Source: Prepared by the author

Another common situation is when you want to hit a ball in the pocket on the opposite side and you need to play it very flat next to the side, as in the image below:

Source: Screenshot of the game

These aren't the most impressive trick moves in 8 Ball Pool, but if you can use them effectively, your game will improve a lot and you'll win a lot more matches.

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Spin Trick Shots

If you need to make plays like just touching the ball or want to screw up in the last moments of a match (eg pocketing the cue ball), you need to use spin.

Now, in real pool games, if you add spin, the cue ball's direction will change and you'll have to adapt. In 8 Ball Pool it will only affect the direction the cue ball takes after the first impact.

This is extremely good for planning ahead and preventing you from accidentally pocketing the cue ball. You can use it for many things:

turn back

The most common situation is when you have a ball near the pocket and you would normally pocket the cue ball along with that ball. To avoid this, just add backspin and the cue ball will roll backwards.


It's the same as backspin where you want to avoid pocketing the cue ball, but often when you hit a ball farther from the pocket, but the line will show you are going to pocket the cue ball into another pocket.

In this situation, you will add a side spin so that the ball goes in a different direction after hitting and you don't risk committing a foul and giving your opponent an advantage.

Another big advantage is that you can also place the cue ball in a spot your opponent won't like. It's a good play when you're not sure you're going to pocket the target ball, and if you do, it will at least give your opponent a massive advantage, especially when there are only a few balls left on the table that can save you the win.


This is a very useful trick when you need to give the ball some extra power, especially when your club doesn't have that much power.

One important thing is that you add spin, you will always do it the same way, that means if you add backspin, you will always set the spin to the setting below, no matter what position you play and where your ball is, isn't it relative to its position is always fixed.

Stay tuned on our website for more tips and news about the gaming world. Take care and until next time!

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