8 Ball Pool: All Legendary Clubs and How to Get Them

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Possessing a stronger bat will help you in every match of 8 Ball Pool. The best tacos in the game are undoubtedly the Legendary Tacos, which everyone wants, but how can you actually get them?

There are a lot of wrong myths floating around and a lot of misleading tips out there, so we decided to write down everything you need to know about legendary clubs and also help you unlock your first legendary clubs in-game.

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Before we get started, here's a complete list of all legendary clubs and their appearance, including their Strength, Aim, Spin, and Time stats.

The main problem with unlocking a legendary bat is that you need to collect 4 pieces of that same bat from crates to actually unlock it.

So, seeing all the legendary clubs available in the image above, you can imagine that this could be a pretty random lucky bet, as you can't control which type which piece you'll get.

It is possible that you have collected 3 pieces of a taco, but you only get pieces of other clubs, and the worst thing is that you can also collect pieces of clubs that you already own and you will only receive coins in return.

It is not our intention to kill all your motivation, if you are serious about 8 Ball Pool you will need the right technique to avoid making mistakes when collecting the cue pieces.

So, we have listed below the best strategy to use to maximize the chances of finally unlocking a legendary club.

victory boxes

You will receive victory boxes when you win a match (or when you win the final of a tournament) that you can unlock.

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You can also find parts for the legendary clubs inside them.

The only bad news here is that the odds aren't very good.

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One important thing! The stake value of a match does not improve the box you will receive as a reward, the box you will receive is random.

Spin the wheel!

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The only way to get a piece of a Legendary Club is to open a Legendary Crate; however, there is no guarantee that you will get the piece you need.

Spin & Win gives you a small chance to win one of these big boxes and you should really use your daily free spin even if you don't have time to play a game!

Don't let this spin slip away without being used.

Ofertas Especiais

Keep an eye out for special offers, there are often offers to get a legendary bat directly for cash, or if you really don't want to spend any money, great deals that offer things like 5x legendary crates for a smaller amount of in-game money.

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