'70s stealth game The Chameleon is coming to PC in July

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For fans of retro games, but who like modern effects, a stealth action game released by the newly formed Mexican development company, Merlino Games, might be of interest. The Chameleon is a stealth game set in the 70s and is coming to PC on July 13, 2021.

The Chameleon: Transform into your enemies and sneak your way out of a secret facility!

COMING TO PC — JULY 13, 2021!

Steam: https://t.co/NtzZzSXcjF

EGS: https://t.co/f6PRhUqKFx pic.twitter.com/0aKsZg3ksI

— Merlino Games (@merlino_games) May 19, 2021

As mentioned above, The Chameleon is an all-stealth game where players can transform into any enemies they encounter, run or pummel their way through, all while wearing a trendy Hawaiian shirt. Players will wake up in a secret facility with no memory of what happened or why they are there. All they know is that they need to evacuate, however there are robotic security guards crowding the facility intent on preventing any escape attempts. The game is quite short, only 2-3 hours long, however, there are many secrets to discover during your escape about the mysterious facility which takes several playthroughs to find them all. There are also unique achievements to unlock using different gameplay tactics, such as staying undetected or defeating all enemies.

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Source: Official game page on Steam

In addition to the stealth aspect, another key feature of the game is the apparent retro design with thick pixels. The game takes place in the 70s and the graphics and original soundtrack reinforce the scenario, as they remind you of retro games. However, The Chameleon doesn't have purely retro graphics, there are some modern effects scattered around like volumetric lights and particles for a more enjoyable gaming experience. There is also the option to switch to higher resolution graphics for better accessibility.

The Chameleon will launch on PC via Steam and The Epic Game Store on July 13, 2021.

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