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Blade & Soul Revolution, newly released MMORPG from Netmarble for cell phones available at AppStore e Google Play, stands out for its eye-catching graphics and dense gameplay, full of fun systems to evolve your character according to your playing style.

With pets, hundreds of weapons and armor, many skills and spells and the franchise's hallowed history Desktops, the amount of content is vast. So, there's nothing better than some tips and secrets to get the hang of it fast and become a legendary player. Check it out below:

1 – Each class has a play style

Right on the first screen you'll make an important choice, which will accompany you for hours and hours of gameplay. It's time to choose your character's class, which greatly influences the style of play, as each one has unique abilities and a different way of facing the dangers of the world you will meet.

Jins, for example, are more balanced in attributes and great for those who will play Blade & Soul for the first time. Yuns, on the other hand, are experts in magic and require a little more care with positioning, always striving to stay away from their opponents.

Regardless of the choice you make, there will be a detailed tutorial to teach you how to fight with the character and what are the most important skills to succeed in the later chapters. Test the one you liked the most and, if necessary, create a new character.

2 – Configure the options for your mobile

Each phone has its own peculiarities, from screen size to technical specifications that impact game performance. Blade & Soul Revolution it is ready to run on various models and allows for detailed customization so that you have a good experience.

In the options menu, which you access by clicking on the gear of the standard menu, it is possible to modify the sensitivity of the camera, change the graphics settings to make the game more visual or perform, and even edit server and network settings. Leave everything round to play quietly.

3 – Skill chaining is key

In the early chapters of Blade & Soul Revolution your character is a mere apprentice, with only a basic set of skills. You will notice that it is possible to combine skills in different ways, which can transform the final blow and generate a more powerful combo.

Over time this number of skills increases exponentially, each one actually converts into a different style. When using them, a next one already takes its place and the combos can get even bigger and more stylish, not to mention the specials of other postures, which are several.

It may seem a little confusing, but in practice almost all combinations generate some result. To discover the best there is a cool way to train.

Shortly before the end of the first act, a training arena will open. In this location, which you can access from the menu, depending on your level, there will be lines of combos to train against a dummy. These are powerful combinations that match exactly the skills you currently have.

Another cool way to see the most powerful combos for your character is to turn on the auto-battle button. This mode is made to quickly get through the easier missions and has the machine play for you in combat. You can follow straight through the icons which combinations she used and then train for yourself.

4 – Dodge buttons are important

There are two icons on the action wheel that cannot be forgotten in combat. In practice, they are dodge buttons, but they work differently.

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The first one, just below the attack button, serves to do a back somersault, avoiding short frontal attacks. The second one, to the right of the attack icon, is for turning to the enemy's back.

Both serve to not take massive damage from the bosses of each region, but should be used at different times. When the enemy carries an ability that forms a circle under him, you must dodge using the somersault.

Pay attention to the second red circle that grows and indicates the time for the skill to actually be executed. When the enemy carries an ability or spell that draws a rectangle on the ground in a straight line, the somersault alone doesn't solve it: it's time to turn to his back. This one doesn't even need timing, just spin and keep hitting.

Icons should also be used in automatic mode, and are especially important in later chapters. Stay tuned.

5 – Redeem rewards all the time

Blade & Soul Revolution will reward you for almost every feat in the campaign: if you reach a certain level you will win, if you complete the codex you will win. There are rewards for activities in each region, for logging into the game daily, and for completing seasonal quests. There's so much that it's hard to remember everything.

For this the game helps you with a very efficient notification button. The bell in the upper right corner of the screen serves to remind you of what is being left behind. Events you've completed and haven't even seen, skills that haven't been improved, and all the rewards we mentioned earlier and the ones we forgot. If something appears there, run to rescue or complete it. Often this will be the way to gain the health and attack points you need at the moment.

6 – Focus on releasing Variants

Each skill can be upgraded a number of times and each stance has different skills. What to focus on then?

Notice that in front of each skill's icon, in the upgrade menu, there is an empty square. This is an extra effect that you can attach to the skill and that guarantees the strongest improvements in the game, the so-called Variants.

Each skill requires a number of levels to unlock that variant. That should be your focus. Choose the skill you like the most, click on the box and see at which level it will receive its variant. Upgrade it until you get that extra effect and move on to the next one.

Over time, more Variants can be unlocked per skill. Read the effect, if you think it pays off, focus on it again.

To earn the blue resource that allows you to improve skills, gain more levels. Most tier rewards are bags filled with this feature. Greens are for passive skills that are much more intuitive.

7 – Always have space in your inventory

Your inventory space is limited and being on the field without being able to pick up more items from monsters and quests is a waste of time. At first, the space is more than enough, but soon it gets shorter.

To preserve spaces, you can place items in the warehouse. The story will introduce you to an NPC for this right in Bamboo Village, but everyone has one. Another essential activity is recycling the items that you will not use, this yields resources, in a forge in the cities. You can also sell them at various merchants around the world in exchange for silver.

quick tips

  • Don't spend all your upgrade resources on starting weapons. Do just what is necessary to complete the missions and save them for the purple colored weapons up.
  • In your character menu there is an attack indicator for PVP and another one for conventional missions. This meter is what you seek to increase during the journey, always keep an eye on it and compare it to the enemies.
  • You can click on the mission description on the screen to go straight to them. There's a button next to that description that even lets you run conversations automatically.
  • Every region has several side quests. Always run them all before going to the main one. This will give you the required level to run most bosses and still good rewards.
  • Over time, you will gain pets, companions that help you in battle. They need to be fed some item, indicated in their menu, just below the health bar. If this icon starts flashing yellow, it's time to feed it.
  • In each region there are icons of local events. They are right above the map. A local boss that appears from time to time will have its own icon there, indicating when it will be summoned again. You can team up with other players to kill him and earn good items.

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