6 game stories adapted for the movies

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There are several film productions that were inspired by video games. Are you a fan of games and love to play? Know that games were not always inspired by movies, but the other way around. Discover 6 game stories adapted for the movies.

resident evil

If there was a video game franchise that has been explored in the movie world it has been resident evil, which appeared in 1996. The survival saga, whose new installment adapts the emerging technology of virtual reality in conjunction with a shift in perspective, has served as the basis for the production of several films starring Milla Jovovich.

The Ukrainian actress who entrusts the character of Alice Abernathy, which takes elements from other unique characters represented in the games, as well as scenarios and other elements present in them, such as Umbrella, an underground genetic research center. 

While the movies don't reproduce the same adventures, they did offer chapters and individuals that were in the games. In both video games and movies, survival moments intersect in front of hordes of zombies and strange creatures.

Tomb Raider

For many, Lara Croft é Angelina Jolie. The California actress has already played twice (2001 and 2003), this well-known female character in the world of video games who made the art of voluptuousness and thrilling action. 

However, the reproductions in the cinema were somewhat controversial, from polarized to the specialized critic for their spectacularity of the sequences. Among the cast of the first installment we had the presence of Jon Voight, who acted as the character's father and, interestingly, is also in Jolie's real life.

Mortal Kombat

The frenzy of adapting successful video games to theatrical format led to trying to present accurate kicks and shots on the big screen. And it was difficult to achieve, as the plots of this type of fight are secondary, as direct action prevails over all things. The first title of this saga was released in 1992.

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However, there are some differences in the official story of the first and second games compared to the final outcome of the movie. The film dates from 1995 and was directed by Paul WS Anderson, known for this type of adaptation.

The film's plot begins in the so-called Temple of Light and shows the fight of some warriors like Liu Kang, Sonia Blade and the martial arts movie star. Johnny Cage, to be held after landing in a strange enclave on the remote island chosen to hold the Shaolin tournament, where only the strongest survive. Some of the fighters that appear in the saga appear in the film.

Prince of Persia

Throughout the history of video games, many sagas have been presented that, in many cases, have not been continued. In other cases, others emerged that were considered their natural successors, for example, Assassins Creed, that happened with Prince of Persia, a platform game with a historical cut that arrived in 1989.

During his long career, many titles appeared. But in 2010 there was an adaptation for the big screen. Titled “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan, who faces strange forces and protects his world.

Silent Hill

Fear and psychological terror were the two pillars of this video game that, like the previous ones, decided to expand its success in cinemas. In different games, an overwhelming and disturbing atmosphere is created, which offers the possibility to solve puzzles and fight, as far as possible, hostile creatures.

The first title came in 1999. Hidden corridors, censuses and a myriad of mysteries are some of its strengths.

Silent Hill is the city in which strange circumstances arise. The 2006 film starred Rose (Radha Mitchell) and her husband Christopher (Sean Bean). They are Sharon's parents, who wakes up one day in the middle of a nightmare and everything changes afterwards. 

Street Fighter

The pioneer of fighting games was, of course, also experimented with flesh-and-blood characters. This famous series that was very popular in the defunct arcades first appeared in 1989, although they continued to release successive installments, the most recent, in the same year. Some of its characters are internationally known.

In 2004, the film appeared, subtitled “The Last Battle”. was starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, which was put in the shoes of William F. Guile. But, there were many others in the cast of fighters, such as Kylie Minogue (as Cammy). However, the film did not faithfully follow the game.

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