6 Best Cooking Games for Phones and Tablets (IOS and Android)

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I really like cooking and I also like cooking games on Android! Games that involve food, something we all identify with – and those that let you explore new dishes or create something, or even manage a place where you cook, I love them all.

I've played so many different types of cooking games from Diner Dash style simulations to rhythm based games and others that are just about taking pictures of food – this list has it all. If you like food and have always wanted to play with your food, there is the possibility to do so through these games!

Cooking Craze

Let's start this list with a pretty classic cooking game for Android. Cooking Craze shows customers passing by, using the counter in front of them to prepare, cook and create a variety of dishes. There are many different types of food in this game, from various countries, as well as tons of upgrades to buy and events to participate in. This type of cooking game is very popular on mobile devices, but Cooking Craze is one of the best!

Good Pizza , Great Pizza

Good pizza ,great pizza you run a beautiful pizzeria – where you hope to become the best in town. You've got a rival you're fighting (who sometimes comes to order your pizza. It's awesome.), as well as tons of customers who often speak in code and you'll have to try to guess what pizza they're actually ordering. You can take the pizzas, paint sauce and cheese on top, slice and bake, it's a fun game!

Hungry Hearts Diner

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Hungry Hearts Diner is a Diner Dash style game where several people will sit in your restaurant, and you can bring the food you make. It's a semi-idle game where you have to set up the items to cook and come back when they're done, ready to serve them, however where Hungry Hearts Diner shines is in the story. You are an older woman who runs a restaurant on her own, and through her customers and serving them food, you can learn about yourself and them, becoming less lonely as a result.

Many cooks

If you're looking for a multiplayer cooking game on Android, Many Cooks is the best there is. While there is a single player mode, Many Cooks also lets you play with other people and it's a lot of fun to play in the same room. Everyone has limited counter space in front of them and must distribute ingredients, prepare and create dishes for customers as quickly as possible! There are icons in the game that allow you to order items from people who are not in the same room as you. It's a fun and chaotic game!

Cook To The Beat

If you thought cooking couldn't be a rhythm-based game, you've never heard of Cook to the Beat. This game is very simple but super fun! You will be cooking different dishes, preparing various ingredients that are moving in front of you, hitting the right side of the screen with the correct time. These dishes will upgrade over time, becoming more challenging, and you might even get good combos that earn you more points!

Bear's Restaurant

This is yet another cooking game with a deeper story and meaning. You are a bear who is currently preparing a bunch of different meals, but those meals are actually the last meals that people who have passed away will have. They are every person's favorite dishes, the ones that bring back their happiest memories before moving on. You are playing as the assistant Cat, who finds the dish desired by customers by exploring their memories.

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