5 tips to improve aim and headshot percentage in Free Fire

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Em Free Fire, aiming is the most fundamental part of the game, just like any shooting game. A bad aim can help an easy target escape, while a better one can kill even with half a chance. Therefore, beginners should focus on honing their marksmanship skills.

On the other hand, headshots are a product of good marksmanship and require immense practice to master. So if players have managed to improve their marksmanship, they can increase the frequency of their headshots and earn easy frags.

Adjust sensitivity, practice more for better headshot percentage in Free Fire

1) Adjust to sensitivity

Adjust sensitivity settings (image via Free Fire)

Aim depends on the player's skills, but a small tweak to the sensitivity settings will provide a crucial advantage. They can adjust the scope's sensitivities according to their comfort and ADS movement.

Players can use training mode to test out the new settings and make some additional adjustments if needed.

2) Personalize o layout do HUD

The layout of the HUD should suit the comfort of the players (Image via Free Fire)

It is essential to have a good command of the HUD in any shooter, and the Free Fire is no different. Therefore, users must make the necessary customizations to adjust the fire buttons and other keys.

They must make adjustments to the controls with the aim in mind. Therefore, players should adjust the oscilloscope knob according to the grip they use when playing Free Fire.

3) Use ADS

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ADS helps in the execution of more accurate headshots (Image via Free Fire)

ADS (Aim / Aim Down) is a way of using a weapon with the sights, therefore it provides more accurate results than the hip shot. Therefore, ADS should be used more and more whenever players are involved in fights.

While they may occasionally use the hip shot for closer-range fights, mid-range and long-range fights should be fought with the crosshairs.

4) Mire and atire

(Image via Free Fire)

When users have a rookie specialization level, their aim will give inaccurate results and decrease headshot percentage. Therefore, they should take their time aiming at opponents and fire when they feel the aim is steady.

Those new to the recoil concept should keep the crosshairs around a player's vest or neck when using an AR, SMG, or LMG. The upward recoil pattern will automatically move the crosshairs towards the head, gaining a headshot.

They can start to adjust the sights closer to the head when they better understand how to control the recoil of weapons.

5) Practice in the training arena and test in a real match

Free Fire Training Camps (Image via Free Fire)

Players must adjust the sensitivity and HUD settings when in the practice arena of the Free Fire. They must also work hard here to understand how to aim and execute headshots.

As players gain experience, they can start testing their newly acquired skills in real matches. Real-time play will help them transition to competitive experience and get better results like increasing headshot percentage.

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