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    5 million players signed up to play dodgeball in Knockout City

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    “We saw 5 million new fighters join us in matches,” says EA

    Five million people signed up to play the new dodgeball multiplayer, Knockout city .

    family multiplayer Velan Studios' launched less than two weeks ago, but already five million people have signed up to play brawler through Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4PS5 , Xbox OneXbox Series X ,  Xbox Series S .

    “Since launch, we've seen 5 million new fighters join us in matches, there was incredible, unexpected gameplay, hundreds of thousands of Crews formed, over half a billion KOs hit, millions of hours of gameplay watched and , dare we say? Thousands of friendships were made along the way," the studio said in EA's official website . “Who knew you could bond for hitting each other in the face with a dodgeball?”

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    April 1th 2022
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    “Velan envisions a game full of rival Crews, each developing their own infamous aesthetic and playstyles, and I would love to be a part of something like that,” said Connor. “But that will only happen if Knockout city able to carve out a sufficient niche in a very competitive online space to grow your own online community. 

    “I don't know if that will happen now, but I can say that Knockout city it's unique to play, look at and listen to. It's not the first time the dodge ball has been recreated in video game form (props for Kunio-kun and the rest of the gang Super Dodge Ball), but it's a unique fusion of arena combat and the champion contest from the original gym class. More importantly, it's a lot of fun to play. "

    If you missed the 10-day free trial of Knockout city the first time, we have good news, he is back, and this time he will continue.

    Knockout city earned a spot on our ongoing list of the best games of 2021.

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