4 whatsapp games to have fun with friends

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O whatsapp It's not just a messaging platform, in fact, at first it was all about that, but over time we've discovered that we can accomplish other feats when we're with nothing to do anywhere.

This situation gets worse when we are away from our friends. Now, combining the platform and our creativity, we can create new ways to have fun through Whatsapp.

With that, we created ways to play various games with our friends directly through the platform. A way to pass the time, have fun and be with our friends regardless of the distance. These are 4 games whatsapp to have fun with friends. Check out!

The impact of two apps on the coronavirus pandemic

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been dealing with a serious health problem worldwide, the Covid-19 virus pandemic that has already claimed many lives. For a long time, including now in 2022, we are witnessing a possible new lockdown.

Since the beginning, what has taken a lot of people out of boredom and frustration are the various apps we have available, games, entertainment apps, etc.

Among them we have the Whatsapp, the application that allowed everyone, even distant, to be closer to our family and friends and stay informed about everything that was happening in the world.

Perhaps, without apps, this chaotic moment we are experiencing could have been much worse. That's why the apps that accompany us on our smartphones have a great impact on our mood and emotional during difficult times.

Whatsapp and games

It's not just for sending and receiving messages that the Whatsapp it was done, in fact it was, but we discovered a new way to have fun with our friends using this platform that already occupies a considerable percentage of smartphones in circulation.

Imagine that you can play UNO through the app, or maybe detective, or tic-tac-toe, if you want to compete who is more attentive among you. The good thing about it all is being able to have fun anywhere, anytime and with anyone you want.

1 - ONE

Uno is a popular card game among young people, in fact, among all ages. Who never got angry or stressed when a +4 was played on the table. That's why it was popularized as the game to destroy a friendship. Which is nothing but a joke.

For you and your friends to play UNO for Whatsapp It's quite simple. First, you will need to download a pack of cards from the deck.

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At least 3 friends (one of them is like the master of the game, who delivers the cards to the players, distributes them at the beginning of the game, you can imagine it as being the living deck of UNO). The rules are the same. Now, just have fun.

2 - Detective

I think everyone already knows the game, but I'm going to teach them now. You must find out who the killer is. Basically that. I won't go into detail about the game's rules, but they all apply to the game's version. Whatsapp. Now let's see how it works.

The main role is the organizer/applicator. Person responsible for making the game work, the one who distributes the roles of the players and who has knowledge about all the characters.

For example, the killer reveals the name to the enforcer, in private, and the enforcer reveals who is going to be killed. The detective does the same thing, sends a name to the applicator who will tell who he is in the game and so the game unfolds.

There's the voting system where people vote for who they think is the murderer. Whoever received the votes and is really the murderer, the others will be the winners.

But if they are wrong, he is kicked out of the game and the game continues. Almost a Lifetime Among Us. It's exciting.

3 – The tic-tac-toe game

A little old-fashioned, but also fun, tic-tac-toe was in everyone's childhood (at least I believe so) and it's impossible for anyone not to know about it. When you're bored, this is a great game to have fun for Whatsapp.

Here, participants will simply use emojis. It's quite simple. One of the participants starts by adding white squares and their symbol (X or O). the second participant copies and pastes, deleting one of the squares and adding its symbol.

Whoever completes the objective of the game first or if there is a tie wins.

4 - Force

Another game that was part of many people's childhood. Playing it is relatively simple. One of the players creates the force with the keyboard of the whatsapp or the emojis and the other participants must get it right.

As the letters are hit, the player who created the gallows adds the letters until the word forms or someone hits it with a kick.

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