4 easy tips to help you improve your marksmanship in CS:GO

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the pro player CS: GO, Ankit Panth, explains how someone can improve their marksmanship by making a few simple changes to the way they approach the game.

Play a warm-up match

Ankit suggests honing your marksmanship skills with a warm-up match before each competitive game. 

He says this can help you get into the game and train your eyes on targets. The Deathmatch game mode can be very useful for this. “Before playing, I always warm up on an offline map called aim_botz followed by Deathmatch. It helps you keep your goal on point,” says Ankit.RelatedRelated

Develop your muscle memory

A common tip most experienced players suggest to improve your aim is to not look at the screen and keep your eyes trained on the crosshairs at all times. 

That way, whenever you move your crosshairs over the map, you'll always have your target in sight. Ankit says this is not necessary because hand-eye coordination and trained muscle memory can take over.

“After playing enough Counter-Strike, I don't think you'll keep your eyes on the crosshairs. I do not do this. You develop muscle memory, and as soon as you see an enemy, your aim will automatically go towards them,” says Ankit.

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For this to work, you need a big, smooth mouse pad and train your hand to move smoothly over it so that the crosshairs cover the screen quickly.

Practice your movement goal

In general, there are two types of targeting theories in CS:GO. The first is the tracking objective, where you keep your aim trained on a specific point, even if you're on the move. 

The second is movement crosshairs, where you move your crosshairs very quickly between target points. The aiming movement is also a function of muscle memory development. 

The best way to perfect it is to switch between targets slowly first (preferably practice on aim_botz) using quick arm movements and then do the quick, quick movements as your muscle memory develops. Ankit says he uses the scope a lot.

Use squats effectively

Ankit suggests learning how and when to use the squat, as it can help your aim. “In CS:GO, when you crouch, bullet spread slows down a bit, so make sure you're using it to your advantage,” says Ankit.Crouch can also be an effective defensive tool. 

“You can also use crouch to make your enemies miss headshots, because even a half-decent player will always aim at head height,” he adds.

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