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    4 canceled games that could have been awesome

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    Image: Sony / Disclosure
    Image: Sony / Disclosure

    Would you be impressed by the how political and bureaucratic the process of launching a game can be, with many game projects previously announced or initially planned not being able to survive all the bureaucracy that involves legal issues (such as releasing third-party media) and financial issues", such as determining the lowest possible budget for the development of the same game that, in theory, it would cost triple to be done.

    Canceled Games That Could Have Been Awesome

    Often, these types of conflicts, or even loss of interest by those involved in a project, are so big ou so constant that the projects end ending up in any drawer of the producer, reserved to be further developed in the future or sold to another studio if they abandon the project completely.

    Unfortunately this is a constant reality, and who suffers the most from this is the gamer audience, which fails to take advantage games that could have been truly amazing. Check out below some of these games that never got off the ground or never won more than a demo version.

    1 – LMNO

    What happens when you form a partnership between a production company notable for award-winning games and a film director with more than three Oscar awards? Apparently a canceled game. That was one of the game's biggest selling points'LMNO', which would be produced by Electronic Arts in partnership with the director Steven Spielberg.

    The game had the initial objective of focusing on the formation of a bond between the player and the character. Eve, One alien who had escaped of a government facility that held her prisoner. 'LMNO' wanted their players to develop a emotional attachment to the alien Eve, using parkour skills to escape the mysterious agency governmental.

    With some slogans like “Could a computer game make you cry?”, little is known about the game, which could have been truly revolutionary for the time it was conceived (2005).

    2 - The Flash

    Yes, we are talking about DC character able to run on speed of light. The promise of a decent game from Flash it is something that permeates projects and promises for years. Many fans of the character and games defend that it's impossible to make a good flash game, for the same reason that it would be difficult to make a good Superman game: the character is just too powerful to work correctly in dynamics of a game, which requires a minimum of challenge for the player.

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    Of course most fans do not agree with this position, stating that this is a lazy excuse for not delivering a game of Flash, since several games like Infamous 2  e Saint Rows 4 have already explored mechanics very similar to the character's behavior and powers in the comics and cartoons.

    The fact is that the company Bottlerock already tried to make a commitment to deliver a Flash game with open map, similar to series Arkham and the games of Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the project not only failed but also ended up bankrupting the studio. Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer.

    3 – Prey 2

    The original game'Prey' was definitely a highlight for the Xbox 360 da Microsoft, with incredible mechanics of portals, released a year before the classic 'Portal' by Valve. Despite the game's commercial success, the franchise remained largely dormant. up to 2011, when a partnership between the Bethesda and Human Head Studios (the studio responsible for the first game) was formed, for the development of game sequence.

    'Prey 2' was far more ambitious than its predecessor, featuring a story in open world, starring a former American agent who becomes a bounty hunter after his journey is interrupted by the alien invasion of the first game.

    Although its preview was received by the public with great excitement and high expectations, the Bethesda decided to cancel the project, under the pretext that the game "was not meeting company standards”. In 2017 Bethesda, in partnership with Arcane Studios, released the game 'Prey'. However, the game had virtually nothing to do with the original series, leaving fans of the first game looking forward to a worthy sequel to 2006's 'Prey'.

    4 – Silent Hills

    This was another one of the projects that could have been the perfect collaboration between a spectacular cameraman and one of the most famous game developers of modern times.

    'Silent Hills' was supposed to be a remake of the first games in the saga of the same name, developed in a partnership between the film director Guillermo del Toro and the video game designer Hideo Kojima.

    The project simply stopped the internet and made fans go wild when the Konami discreetly released a small preview of the game on Playstation Store. Unfortunately, the game was one of the many harmed by the controversial breakup of the partnership between Konami and to the game developer Hideo Kojima, having its preview deleted from the store of Playstation, without much explanation from either party about the cancellation of the project.

    Image: Sony / Disclosure

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