3-Line CoD Vanguard best loadout: Accessories, advantages, configuration

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The sniper has always been a staple in Call of Duty and what better way to do that than using the best 3-Line Rifle CoD Vanguard class loadout out there? This is the ultimate setup with attachments, proficiency and perks.

Call of Duty: Vanguard There are only three marksmen in the game, but none can bring out the power that the 3-Line Rifle can.

Snipers let you control the pace of the game, you can run and reach for a V2 rocket or you can take a relaxed approach and camp it out, killing enemies one by one.

So if you want to play at a different pace than the Volk or NZ-41 use, you'll want to check out this 3-row rifle build.

Best 3-Line rifle loadout


This is the best 3-Line rifle loadout in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

  • Snout: F8 stabilizer
  • Barrel: Empress 700 TN02
  • Stock: ZAC Custom MZ
  • Underbarrel: Mark VI Skeletal Figures
  • Ammo type: FMJ rounds
  • Rear Handle: Leather Handle
  • Proficiency: Awareness
  • Kit: Deep breath

The best 3-Line rifle loadout is focused on maximizing the weapon's ADS speed along with reducing swing as this will increase accuracy.

For that, we start with the F8 stabilizer and the Empress 700 TN02, because these two complement each other very well. The stabilizer works to increase accuracy and range, while the barrel reduces initial swing, making it more accurate.

then comes the ZAC Custom MZ, that benefits every aspect of this weapon, without harming anything important. This stock offers increased accuracy as well as ADS and walking speed, while slightly reducing movement speed.


The ZAC Custom MZ stock is great on the 3-Line Rifle, giving you more accuracy and ADS speed.

We also combine the Mark VI Skeletal com Leather Grip, as both attachments increase the ADS speed of the 3-Line Rifle.

For ammunition, it is essential to run FMJ rounds so you can hit the wall and make sure no one gets out alive. We do not recommend using a magazine attachment as the cons outweigh the pros.

Finally, you'll want to use the Awareness because it allows you to see the names of enemies from further away – which is key to shooting. use it with Deep breath in the kit slot and you will be able to stay targeted for a long time.

Best 3-Line Rifle Vanguard Class (perks, equipment and field upgrade)

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The 3-Line Rifle can be very good when paired with the right perks and equipment.

  • Advantage 1: Ghost
  • Advantage 2: radar
  • Advantage 3: Strategist
  • Secondary: machine gun
  • Aircraft: throwing knife
  • Tactical: No 69 Stun Grenade
  • Field update: tactical insertion

When using a sniper you are likely to be posted somewhere, so the Ghost it will be an essential privilege to keep your position hidden from enemies.

For the second slot, the Radar is by far the best perk in its section, so you'll always want to run it. In the third, we go to the Tactical, because we can replenish our #69 Stun Grenades and set easy kills on the map.


The throwing knife pairs perfectly with the 3-Line rifle to shoot enemies that are pushing you.

Pair the 3-Line Rifle with a automatic pistol in your back pocket to finish off injured enemies that might be pushing back. In addition throwing knife can be another key element in killing people who are running towards you.

When playing as a sniper, his mobility is normally much slower than other weapons, so we're going to use the sniper field upgrade. tactical insertion so we can mark where we want to spawn in case we die.

How to unlock the 3-Line rifle in Vanguard


The 3-Line Rifle unlocks at Vanguard level 22.

It's quite simple to unlock the 3-Line Rifle in Call of Duty: Vanguard. All you need to do is reach level 22 and it will be available to you.

Enjoy 24/7 playlists like Das Haus or Shipment and you'll reach level 22 in no time.

3-Line rifle loadout alternatives


The Kar98k is a good weapon in the Vanguard if the 3-Line Rifle isn't for you.

If the 3-Line rifle doesn't work or you want to try something different to compare it to, the Kar98k is the second best option.

This classic Call of Duty sniper has excelled in the franchise and is extremely good at Vanguard.

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