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    10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Playing Resident Evil Village

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    Resident Evil Village might not be the hardest in the franchise, but it's not easy. Here are some common mistakes players should avoid.

    The Resident Evil franchise is known for taking risks and shaking up the game's basic formula. Resident Evil 3 introduced more enemies and action sets to the standard formula, while Resident Evil 4 changed the way action games were made. While the main game loops are similar across the series, each game has the potential to be significantly different from the one before it.

    Resident Evil Village is used to changing the default formula. It builds on themes and game pieces from its predecessor, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, while adding a number of new mechanics. As games are constantly changing, it's easy to make mistakes when playing them. Village can be difficult at times, and there are a number of mistakes that can make the experience even more difficult.

    10) Do not use blocking

    While some previous RE titles have featured a guard ability (e.g. Mark in Resident Evil Outbreak), the idea of ​​blocking enemy attacks is foreign to most players. Resident Evil 7 allowed players to raise their hands and protect themselves against enemy attacks, reducing oncoming damage and sometimes providing an opening for counterattacks.

    Resident Evil Village expands on this ability by allowing Ethan to push enemies away after a blockade. Enemies can now be stunned with good blocks, creating space for players to recover and fight. Blocking is extremely important to success in Resident Evil Village, especially on harder difficulties. Many old school fans will want to dodge enemy attacks, when defending might be the best option.

    9) Forgetting the meal system

    Perhaps one of the most important changes introduced to the Village is the meal system. Previously, players could shoot local flora and fauna for resources like healing items or ammo, but the Village rewards players with real animal meat. Players should keep an eye on the map for chicken, fish, and goat icons that signify hunting grounds.

    With the meat in hand, players can talk to the Duke and have him prepare meals. Each meal requires a certain amount of meat to make, but each one offers permanent upgrades for Ethan. They range from pool health upgrades to flat movement speed buffs, so meals should always be a priority. Most hunts don't even require ammo, and players can successfully hunt most animals with the knife.

    8) Failed to explore areas

    While many consider Resident Evil Village to be a short game, it is filled with large areas filled with secrets and goodies for players to collect. Players should always check their trusted maps to see if the areas around them appear blue or red. The outer areas of the map will not show item completion, but most inner zones will show the player if they have obtained all items through their color code on the map.

    If an area is marked blue, the player has found all items in that zone. However, if it is red, there is still something to be found. Treasures, healing items, and ammo count as undiscovered items, although lore and archives do not. For players looking for an extra boost to their stash, searching for items carefully can be very rewarding.

    7) Using the magnum unnecessarily

    The magnum is one of the most powerful weapons in the RE franchise and this is no different in Village. This weapon can take down bosses with ease - if the player has ammo for it. While it can be tempting to plow through lycans and zombies with the mighty turret, wasting magnum shells can make later bosses very troublesome.

    Most enemies can be defeated with Ethan's arsenal of weapons, not including the magnum. Players should reserve the magnum for boss fights or absolute emergencies. Otherwise, Ethan's shotguns, rifles, landmines, and tube bombs should be more than enough to clear out the hordes of monsters trying to tear him apart.

    6) Failure to disarm enemies

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    Some enemies in Village shoot Ethan with flaming arrows, while others attack with melee weapons ranging from scythes to longswords. Many players forget that these enemies can be disarmed. An unarmed enemy bite can do as much damage as a sword or axe, but disarming is still very advantageous for the player.

    Disarming reduces the range from which enemies can hit Ethan, giving the player more time to deal with each enemy. Enemies with weapons can be disarmed by attacking the arm that carries the weapon. Most smaller enemies will drop their weapon and not pick it up. Be warned though, that tougher bosses and mini-bosses won't drop weapons, no matter how much Ethan attacks their arms.

    5) Killing every single enemy

    While the Resident Evil franchise has changed a lot over the course of 25 years, one theme has remained. Item management and ammo conservation have always been important. While Resident Evil 6 has turned players into borderline superheroes, Ethan Winters will need all the resources he can get in Resident Evil Village.

    Many players feel that they need to defeat every enemy they encounter in the Village. While this can make the player feel safer, there are areas where it's better to play defensively and outrun enemies. The Heisenberg factory is full of heavily armored soldiers. Many players will chew through their resources to defeat them, when many can be easily dodged and outmaneuvered. Sometimes it's better to holster your gun and run than to run out of ammo.

    4) Selling treasures that can be combined

    As players struggle with managing inventory and gathering resources, they also need to think about their economy. Resident Evil Village brings back the currency systems from Resident Evil 4 and 5 and allows players to gather treasures that they can sell to the Duke for high prices. Money can be just as critical as ammo.

    While many treasures can be sold as they are found, some can be combined with other treasures to make something even more valuable. Players should keep an eye out for treasures they can combine. It's an easy mistake to just sell list items. Fortunately, Duke will offer unsatisfied voice lines in response to these mistakes, and players won't be making them in the future.

    3) Attacking Lady Dimitrescu and Her Daughters

    Players will come face to face with the imposing Lady Dimitrescu at the very beginning of the game. The Lady of the Castle and her three daughters are powerful adversaries who can easily get rid of Ethan if given the opportunity.

    Many new players will try to fight Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters before their actual fights. However, this is simply a waste of resources. The player cannot defeat the Lady or her monstrous daughters from the start. Instead, players should focus on saving up ammo for the real boss fights against each of the vampiric witches, where Ethan can defeat them for good.

    2) Not using the best items

    While saving ammo and resources for big fights is good practice, many players make the mistake of being too conservative. Ethan can use a lot of weapons in the Village, more than he had in the Baker Estate. He can shoot down enemies with his gun, blast enemies with his shotguns, lay traps with landmines, or clear entire packages with tube bombs.

    These features exist for a reason. Players preoccupied with using all the explosives take solace in the fact that they can craft these items or buy them from the Duke. The only resource that really should be saved for special occasions is magnum ammo, as it is rare and cannot be crafted or purchased. Players will often be afraid to use their entire arsenal and will often take more damage from enemies as a result.

    1) Forgetting to craft items

    Most of the resources Ethan finds in the village will be placed inside his briefcase. Players will sometimes have to play Tetris within their inventories to fit everything in and even gather more. However, some items will not appear in the box and will be kept in your own stock. This includes chemical fluid, herbs, gunpowder, rusty scrap and scrap metal.

    Essentially, Ethan's crafting items will not appear on the main folder screen. As a result, many players forget that they have these items. Crafting medicine and ammunition is critical to surviving the horrors of the village. Players should always remember to check the crafting screen before using money to purchase items from the Duke.

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