10 FPS games that deserve a sequel

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These iconic FPS titles never received proper titles, though their dedicated fans would certainly wish they did.

Modern gamers are just as used to first-person shooters as live games or annual releases. However, there was a time when the biggest franchises in the genre used to make people wait years between their releases. If they weren't successful enough, the sequels would never come out.

All of the games below could have a sequel, either because the first one was so good or because a sequel would have perfected ideas introduced in previous titles. Unfortunately, whether because of sales or some other circumstance, the series never continued. This list usually sticks with the games that were the first in the series, although there are exceptions. Without further ado, let's get started!


Source: Official game page on Steam

This cell-shading first-person shooter follows an amnesiac as he discovers the conspiracy he was involved in before he lost his memory. The mix of stealth with the comic book genre and style made the campaign unique. It ended with an intense suspense that was never followed up. The recent remake was a total disaster, spoiling the fond memories of all fans of the classic and certainly spell doom for any future prospects.

Titanium case 2

Source: Official game page on Steam

This is the only exception in the list because it is already a sequence. However, the franchise has been dormant for some time and it certainly qualifies as a game fans would love to see a sequel to. Another point that makes it a fair inclusion is that it's the first in the series with a campaign, and by many it's considered one of the best FPS games of the generation. Each level features a unique mechanic. When you get comfortable with it, the next level brings an equally interesting new gameplay feature. Even though sales were weak at first, the positive progress has cemented Titanfall 2's legacy.


Source: Sony

Some might consider MAG something of a joke, but it really came out of nowhere to try new things. This multiplayer game had up to 256 players in a match, with some players even commanding entire squads and giving them objectives.

This was long before the Battle Royale genre became popular. The servers were only online for four years, and a sequel could have improved the formula.

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

Source: Official game page on Steam

The three Call of Juarez mainline games had mixed receptions, though the second game is a standout in the franchise. This spin-off added a more cartoonish art style, but brought it back to the old west setting after the third game moved into the modern day. Despite its obviously smaller budget, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger manages to have good gameplay and fun. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to revive the franchise.


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Source: Sony

Haze isn't a great game, but it has some interesting things. For one, it's a four-player co-op first-person shooter long before the Borderlands days. Second, the game is divided into two distinct halves. In the first part of the game, you are fighting for a big corporation, defending its interests and using a drug to distort reality. Once the protagonist discovers the truth, they fight alongside the resistance. The lack of sequels is sad because developer Free Radical closed it shortly after the game's release, meaning there's no chance for a sequel.

cold winter

Source: Sony

This PS2-exclusive first-person shooter, Hidden Gem, has a surprisingly deep story about nuclear weapons, using HG Wells' sci-fi story The Shape of Things To Come as its theme. The firefight is also magnificent, with heavier weapons literally blasting enemies' limbs. Multiplayer is also incredibly fun, with plenty of mods to play the way you want. A sequel following the events of the finale would have been a treat, but unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Source: Official game page on Steam

Star Wars has a tough gameplay story, but Republic Commando got it right. It doesn't try to recreate the feeling of being a Jedi, instead it puts players in the shoes of a clone trooper during the Clone Wars, which begins after Attack of the Clones. Tactical elements are also part of the gameplay. It feels like a cross between Rainbow Six and Star Wars, although the action is fast-paced.


Source: Official game page on Steam

We're not talking about 2017's Prey, nor is this game connected to the original 2006 FPS in any way. The sad thing about it is the canceled sequel that fans saw revealed to the public. It felt like an interesting sequel, significantly adding to the gameplay while also expanding the world. At least we'll always have the original Prey, which is an incredibly unique FPS in its own right.


Source: Sony

Black is a game for PS2 and Xbox focused purely on a detailed and action-packed single-player campaign. It's an interesting twist for a studio known for the Burnout franchise. The graphics are absolutely stunning for the generation and each weapon has a distinct feel. It certainly has its share of problems, but a sequel could have solved them. Future games from the game's co-creator, Body Count and Enemy Front, were poorly received. Unfortunately, spiritual successors are not in sight.


Saber Interactive recently hit their big hit with the game World War Z. Before that, they released an interesting original FPS called Timeshift, which allows players to manipulate time. The mechanics aren't just for gameplay, however; the narrative is also about time travel and deals with the dark implications of technology. The game was not successful, so we are happy to see the company survive and regain success in recent years. The studio is currently working on the game Evil Dead.

That was our list of FPS games that deserve a sequel, despite the fact that it will hardly come to fruition. We hope you enjoyed. Take care and until next time!

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