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    10 best players with the highest stamina in FIFA 22

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    It doesn't matter if it's in Career Mode, Ultimate Team or 1v1 against a friend: the Stamina is key to letting your players run, even at 90 minutes. Everyone knows the moment you used up all your submarines, and you think: Run, you stupid son of the bridge!

    But do not worry. We have players who keep running even if you press the button 24/7. If two players have the same resistance rating, they will be ranked by their overall rating.

    So, here are the top 10 players with the most stamina in FIFA 22!

    10. Pieter Gerkens – 72 OVR – 94 Stamina – Royal Antwerp FCO midfielder is not an easy knockout. His high work rates make him at least interesting for Career Mode. | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    9. Denzel Dumfries – 81 OVR – 94 Stamina – Inter MilanRight side runner. The Nerazzurri's new signing can shine with speed even at the end of the game. | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    8. Marcelo Brozovic – 84 OVR – 94 Stamina – Inter Milan Teammate Brozovic shows what stamina is like in midfield. Inter Milan are well represented on the list, Another Inter player comes... | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
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    7. Joshua Kimmich – 89 OVR – 94 Stamina – Bayern MunichBut let's get to the German record champions first. The only thing that can stop Kimmich is Covid. | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    6. Hiroaki Okuno – 69 OVR – 95 Stamina – Cerezo OsakaUnnamed! Would you have thought that Japanese Okuno is one of the endurance superstars? I doubt it. You'll never guess the next one either… | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    5. Rhyan Grant – 72 OVR – 95 Stamina – Sydney FC…because it's the Australian Grant. He's an RB and he's running until you break the R2 button. | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    4. Vladimir Darida – 74 OVR – 95 Stamina – Hertha BSC With 66 paces, completely useless for sprints, but the 31-year-old Berliner never tires. | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    3. Nicolo Barella – 85 OVR – 95 Stamina – Inter MilanThere he is! The last Milanese on the list and with 85 OVR on the podium. The midfielder retains power until the final whistle. | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    2. Andrew Robertson – 87 OVR – 95 Stamina – Liverpool F.C. Not only brilliant with good assists, he's also in shape like almost no one else. Only one player reaches 95 stamina – even by two points… | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
    1. N'Golo Kanté – 90 OVR – 97 Stamina – Chelsea FCYes. Well, of course, the midfielder goal is first. If you have Kante, not only do you get all the tackles, but this guy even runs a marathon for you after the final whistle. Or even an Ironman. Simply the best! | © EA Sports/Faris Delalic
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